IntelliJ IDEA & JProfiler: A Marriage Made in Heaven


Industry news: IntelliJ IDEA & JProfiler: A Marriage Made in Heaven

  1. JetBrains, makers of the IDEA IDE, has selected JProfiler for its "best of breed" Companion Products program. The integration of JProfiler into IDEA means that developers can now use these two award winning tools together while remaining in the same environment.

    IDEA has long been known for its innovative feature sets that helps increase developer productivity. JProfiler from EJ-Technologies has also been recognized for its combination of power and ease of use. The ability to use JProfiler from with-in the IDEA development environment means that developers will have less integration work to combine IDEA with a great profiling tool.

    The JProfiler feature set includes;

    • Support for 64-bit JVMs: Windows/AMD64, Linux/AMD64, Solaris Sparc V9 and Solaris Sparc x64/AMD64 and x86/x64 architecture
    • CPU, Memory, and Thread profiling
    • J2EE profiling
    • Remote profiling capabilities
    • Heap walking and exploration
    • Snapshots and other view management features.
    • Selectable primary measure (instance count or shallow size) for all objects view and recorded objects view
    • Export hot spots as CSV (in addition to XML)
    • Optionally display average value in call tree and hot spots
    • VM telemetry views: current values are displayed in the legend
    • Possibility to define an external source viewer in the general settings
    • Added inherent time to XML export of call trees
    You can find out more about both products at and

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  2. JProfiler is the best (currently)[ Go to top ]

    My first blog post ever was a quick endorsement of JProfiler, which I had just discovered, back on 12/01/2002:

    I recommended it again at my current employer towards the end of our last major release. Everyone loved it. No one had ever heard of it. It's inexpensive. Go figure.
  3. YourKit[ Go to top ]

    I'm not saying JProfiler isn't up to the honor, but I sincerily believed that this position belonged to YourKit Java Profiler -- it's nice, lean, easy to use, and it's origins traces back to JetBrains itself.