AutoAssist is an auto completion web widget that written in pure JavaScript. It can let your users to work effective and feel comfortable. Moreover, it just a pure JavaScript file that won’t break existing code or development style.


<img src="">>

And this is the real code for it:

var foo = function() {
    var tt = new AutoAssist("t", {setRequestOptions: function() {
            var pars = "name=" + this.txtBox.value;
            return { url: "/agency.php", parameters: pars };
Event.observe(window, "load", foo);

ChangeLog for 0.5.3

* press ESC or click outside to release focus
* press ENTER or double click on input text box to active a request
* provide default.css as theme and throbber.gif ()
* different CSS when loading
* dont need rico.js, reduce 93.0kb in size

ChangeLog for 0.5.2

* hightlight first result by default (reduce 1 press of each select)
* press Enter to active AutoAssist without change the value of text box
* minor fix & update