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    JavaWhat is a Java resource directory based on public categories. With JavaWhat, users can suggest categories and add their own web pages for later use, and share web pages with other people too, sort of like the dmoz project from quite a while back.

    The category list is fairly complete, but can always use additions.

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  2. Wrong technology I think[ Go to top ]

    I think it should have used Mediawiki, it can do all this and the community can extend it easily. Contribute wiki pages and then add categories to them. Mediawiki then groups pages automatically in indexes based on categories.
  3. Wrong technology I think[ Go to top ]

    Well, not exactly Mediawiki, but Sun already has a similar initiative, JavaPedia. But I don't think it's getting enough attention from the Java community. Maybe it's because the link to the JavaPedia is very hidden inside
  4. Trackpedia[ Go to top ]

    I made a site using mediawiki, trackpedia and it's pretty cool. Trivial to set it up and performs very well. Security when you need it (protected pages)
  5. First, the purpose of this project is trying to build Java Public Directory. For now, the users can only suggest categories. Later on , user can add categories directly and that will be real public directory. Second, it is very easy for the users to store and track their own links and also check out othe peoples' too. Third, the directory structure is more easier for users to remember and find the information.
  6. Mediawiki[ Go to top ]

    I think you'll find Mediawiki can do all this with no development on your part. For example, look at our categories:

    All Categories


    Here's just one category with sub categories

    US Tracks

    All very easy and extensible by the community. I don't see much difference in terms of capability or from an end user experience between both.

  7. Gatergories[ Go to top ]

    I went to your site and noticed that the "Category" headings are mispelled as "Gategories". Otherwise, a nice site.
  8. Thanks for your finding.[ Go to top ]

    It will be fixed when we re-start our application.
  9. Is this a Web 2.0 Project[ Go to top ]

    I mean, there's no content, just the ability for people to add content and extend the taxonomy.

    When I look at the Web 2.0 Design patterns (, I feel that this is right in line.

    The problem for the owners is that there's nothing compelling. I mean, I don't feel any urge to contribute anything to it because tI see no benefit to using the site right now.
  10. JavaWhat is not Web 2.0 yet[ Go to top ]

    No, JavaWhat is not Web 2.0 project yet, but it does have the function allowing the users to save tags on their links. We are working on this tagging functions now and hope it will be released soon.
    For the users, they can throw all the old bookmarks and favorites away from browers and store in JavaWhat. The users can use them anywhere without synchronizing them at home and at work. This is the one of the benefits.
  11. Great!. Excellent collections of java resources.
  12. Cash your google check quickly[ Go to top ]

    Cause once people realize there's nothing on this site, you won't get any more hits.
  13. Great collection of Java information/resources
  14. JavaWhat collected most of useful and latest Java APIs and has powerful search. Users can search API including class, interface, enumerate and annotation in those APIs. JavaWhat also provides latest Java news and articles from most of popular Java news resources. Users can find all latest Java news and articles together without going any other websites.
  15. Re: - Java Resource Directory[ Go to top ]

    If you come across a nice java related site, You can post it here also. Java resources
  16. Useful resources. I found some good ones. Should put a definitive resource directory here - for all java related resources. Btw, you can find java jobs here. hopefully a useful addition.