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    How to display the contents of any other website in our home page?For example if we perform a search in yahoo Search engine we get the result displayed in their home page.suppose if i connect the search engine to my site and perform search operation the result must be displayed in my home page and not in the yahoo home page.Is there anyway to do this?if so what class must be used?
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    yeah u can do that by using perl scripts i dont know much abr perl.There are lot of perl script to do that sort of job and they are available free in soime sites...

    Hope this will help U

  3. While it isn't a Java solution, another possible solution to your issue is to use Google's free search service (BTW, Yahoo! now uses Google as their search engine). If you go to Google's site ( you can create a free account to use their search service. The results page still comes back from the Google server but they let you specify the logo, background color, font colors, etc. There may be other services but this is the one I am aware of. Another nice feature is that you can specify whether you want the search results from the entire web or just your site.

    There may be other services like this but this is the only one I am aware of. It would be nice if there were a search engine that returned results in XML format.
  4. To follow up on my previous posting, I noticed that Google's Custom WebSearch will return results as XML format. However, they charge for this service so it might not be the best solution.
  5. Is it possible to block directing to a specific site using servlets. For eg, when is typed in url box, the network connection should turn off, whereas when you type some other website url, say,, the network connection should remain intact. (maybe by working on ip filters??)