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    Hello All:

    When should some one recommend J2EE architecture? As you all know there are some many technolgies which may solve the same problem but in different way. e.g e-commerce application like bookstore.

    How can I make my case stronger to use J2EE over other technolgies.
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    J2EE is a very broad platform, so in order to be able to accurately answer your question one would have to know more about the kind of project you're thinking about.

    For example, I might recommend you to go with j2ee if you must build big, high availability, distributed transactions enabled system.

    If what you want to build is a simple bookstore, forget j2ee, go for php. If you need to build a bookstore that must integrate data from many databases, maybe external systems (if you don't have the book maybe you can get it from amazon, and this way you don't turn down a client :-) ) and ensure transactional integrity across those, I would rather recommend j2ee :-)

    e. ( http://www.thekirschners.com/software/testare/testare.html )
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    True,it really depends on the requirements and the nature of the problem.
  4. Hi All, I m putting the requiremet of my project in short here, please tell me with which framework or Technology i should go to develop this project: Requirement: 1. There will be 1000 users in the Intranet who can use the application to insert the details in database. 2. one module of whole project will pick those record and produce some analytical reports . 3. After generating the analytical reports those data will convert into a special banking form. 4. That banking form is acceptable by cenralized banking database. 5. after converting in that form application will send the enquiry to the cenralized database through VPN and recive the response of the enquiry. 6. Application will recive the response and write back into the database, so the end user will see the response. Please help me on this. I thing J2EE will be suitable for this type of application Thanks A lot in advance