PMD 3.6, source code evaluation for Java, released


News: PMD 3.6, source code evaluation for Java, released

  1. PMD 3.6, a tool that scans Java source code and highlights potential problems, has been released. The biggest new feature is support for checking JSP and JSF code; thanks to Pieter Vanraemdonck for implementing this. He and Allan Caplan also wrote eight rules to get this capability rolling.
    There are a flurry of bug fixes, including a major memory leak fix, and there are five new rules and improvements to many of the current rules. The full changelog is online, as well as the downloadable release.
    Thanks to Pieter, Allan, Wouter Zelle, Paul Smith, Didier Duquennoy, David Corley, Jeff Jensen, Christopher Stach, Mathieu Champlon, Jan Koops, and a host of other folks for their contributions to this release. Enjoy!
    There's also a book called "PMD Applied" available for PMD users.
  2. Is there an Eclipse plugin for the new release?

    Rick Hightower (linked in),blog
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  3. Hi,

    Take a look at this page :

    There is integration within many IDEs
  4. None of the plugins for any IDE have been rebuilt as of March 30th, 2006.
  5. A NetBeans Plugin that uses PMD 1.6 and an updated NetBeans Module is available at:

    The link towards the top of the page.

    With it you can do some refactoring with PMD and not just find problems, but actually fix them.
  6. Just kidding I might update it later. When I give in to the urge.
  7. Hi Rick -

    None of the plugins have been updated yet... should happen over the course of the next week or, probably. I'm not sure how quickly the plugin guys will integrate the JSP support since that might be a bit more work... but, we'll see..


  8. All the description says is
    Avoid using ThreadGroup; although it is intended to be used in a threaded environment it contains methods that are not thread safe.
  9. Joshua Bloch's book "Effective Java" discusses why ThreadGroup isn't really useful, and possibly dangerous if using the deprecated methods. I don't have a copy of the book handy, however I did find a more detailed description on this page:
  10. Hi there,

    I've been giving the new JSP rules in PMD 3.6 a try and I just couldn't make it work. I'm starting to think that there's a major bug in this version that prevents it from processing JSPs.

    I wrote a JSP file that should result in a bunch of errors (I actually copied the examples that trigger the rules from the documentation) but to no avail.
    I can see that the JSP gets parsed (since the process fails when I make my JSP non-XHTML) and that the rules gets loaded (thanks to the -debug option), but for some reason I always get a no-errors report (using both an ant script and from the command line with the -jsp option).
    Is there something I am missing?

    Thank you very much,
    Dani Palacios, Java developer
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