BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform and WebLogic Portal Beta 9.2


News: BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform and WebLogic Portal Beta 9.2

  1. The Workshop for WebLogic Platform (Workshop for WebLogic) and WebLogic Portal 9.2 open Beta release are available to the public on

    Download Beta 9.2 here.

    Portal 9.2 provides:
      - A WorkShop development environment based on Eclipse
      - Content Management enhancements including a WYSIWYG editor
      - Improved Federation and Production Ops capabilities
      - The GroupSpace collaborative application and framework

    Documentation for Beta 9.2:
      - WebLogic Portal:
      - Workshop for WebLogic:
      - WebLogic Platform:

    As a public beta, BEA will not offer support through the BEA Support group. Use the following newsgroups to log and discuss issues:
      - Workshop for WebLogic newsgroup:
      - WebLogic Portal newsgroup:
      - WebLogic Platform newsgroup (if you are unsure whether the issue belongs to WebLogic Portal or WebLogic Workshop):

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  2. It will be great if you post some screenshots before, to see the differences between version 8.1 and 9.2b, visual differences i mean.
  3. More POC from BEA[ Go to top ]

    What about those of us stuck with the 8.1 version of Porkel server?
  4. Turkeys[ Go to top ]

    Workshop was such a turkey why would anyone bother with your Eclipse plugin
  5. Turkeys[ Go to top ]

    Because its completely re-written on top of Eclipse. Give the released version a try as well:
  6. Two different products[ Go to top ]

    Because its completely re-written on top of Eclipse. Give the released version a try as well:

    The product that you link to is not the same as BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform. Workshop studio is a product BEA bought and rebranded. BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform is a remake (into Eclipse) of the Workshop bundles with WLP 8.1
  7. Two different products[ Go to top ]

    Truth in advertizing: Your point about them being 2 different products is accurate. We are in the process of merging the two code lines. This takes time and we're working on it. Right now, they both come in the same package.

    It is also accurate to say that Workshop for WebLogic is the same technology we offered in 8.1 but on Eclipse. We've also updated it, and spent a lot of time making sure that the upgrade works.

    For more info, see:
  8. Upgrade is supported[ Go to top ]

    The project models of Workshop 8.1 and Eclipse WTP are entirely different. It is not possible to run the original projects directly. But, we provided wizard to upgrade your 8.1 apps. A lot of effort was put into the upgrade area.

    To launch the upgrade wizard, goto
       File -> Import... -> Workshop 8.1 Application

    Let us know your experience with upgrade.
    (the forum will be the best place for it)
  9. It will be great if you post some screenshots before, to see the differences between version 8.1 and 9.2b, visual differences i mean.

    Here are some screenshots of WLP 9.2 GroupSpaces
  10. some quick questions
    do you support jsr-168 portlet development ?
    do you support deployment on other servers or just your own wls ?

  11. RE: Deployoment to other servers[ Go to top ]

    Yes. We support deployment to other servers. We utilized WTP's server adapter architecture and project model.

    Out of the box support includes Tomcat and other open source app servers, which carried from WTP.

    We are the main contributor to the Project Facet area in WTP, which makes it easy for a developer to create projects that can be deployed into all compliant servers, or create projects with advanced server specific features. In fact, our web/ear projects are created using the standard project creation wizards.
  12. RE: Deployoment to other servers[ Go to top ]

    Thank for clear answer.

    What about portlets ?
    does it support jsr-168 , will it use pluto as test driver or we should bear the heavy BEA portal for testing purpose ?

  13. Proprietary versus Open[ Go to top ]

    The jpf, jcx and jcs files were a bit of an abomination, especially because the IDE handled Java so poorly and I couldn't use Eclipse with them. Are you going to get rid of these and simply use metadata to mark these instead of the file extension?

    Also, now that you use Eclipse can I assume that you handle packaging in a more sensible manner? For instance you can link Eclipse projects that create jars etc. to your projects in Eclipse, will Portal projects use this rather than having to make a hierarchical structure for subprojects? This was a major headache.

    I am also extremely interested in moving away from the proprietary struts based jpf to JSR-168 portlets, is the support for the 168 portlets better in terms of productivity versus the old Workshop and will it convert from a jpf to a 168 portlet?

    Finally, can I now deploy to JBoss?
  14. Proprietary versus Open[ Go to top ]

    Yes, 9.2 does away with the custom file extensions in favor of .java for all java files (the upgrader takes care of this change for you if moving up from 8.1).

    All metadata now uses standard Java 5 annotations. A lot of effort was spent in this release adding additional annotation features into the Eclipse JDT to provide first-class support for meta-data based development (these enhancements are not proprietary and are available in open-source).

    Regarding the project structure, 9.2 is based on the Eclipse WTP project so the project structure follows what you see there. You'll be able to create dependencies from web projects to standard java projects so those classes are available to your web project, for example. The structure of projects overall is more flexible including how and where you place java source folders.

    Hope this helps, and send any other questions along.
  15. WebLogic Portal supports JSR 168 portlets since the release of WebLogic Portal 8.1. Best Regards, --alex
  16. Workshop 9.2 and Server 8.1[ Go to top ]

    Is it possible to use the new workshop 9.2 to deploy to server 8.1?
  17. Can some one post some screenshot from workshop ?
    shots that shows how it looks , and what kind of feature it has ?
  18. What is different between
    workshop for weblogic
    and workshop studio ?

    will this two merge as one in 9.2 release ?

  19. I had the same question.
  20. Screenshots[ Go to top ]

    PageFlow Screenshot

    Portal Screenshot
  21. Are there plans for OS X support?