Enterprise application using object-oriented framework


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  1. The Fortune 50 company where I work is migrating a proprietary web application and is tending toward JSP.

    I'd like to get them to consider object-oriented frameworks such as Wicket or Tapestry. What persuasive arguments can I make that would counter the momentum of JSP? Thanks.
  2. The first question I would ask is, why are you leaning towards Wicket or Tapestry? There must be something that has persuaded you that these are better solutions than JSP, so I would start by putting that at the top of the list, whatever it is. What do you prefer about Wicket/Tapestry rather than JSP?
  3. Well, OO seems to me the best way to handle complexity, at least when it's done right. And I think clean code is one of the most important parts of a system. From what I can tell, Wicket is superior to JSP in both respects.