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    This is our production environment.

    We have deployed a Integration Application (EAR) on weblogic integration server. this is running in single server instance.there is no clustering (we have limitation from connection system to WLI)

    We get java.lang.OutOfMemoryError for every fortnight.
    we have allocated 2GB memory to the server using startup script.unix server has 8GB memory.

    automatic garbage collection happens properly for some days (for a week) .. We mean memory usage is between 1GB to 2GB .

    We would like to know what is the reason for getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

    Thanks & Regards
    WLI team
  2. We would like to know what is the reason for getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError Thanks & RegardsWLI team

    I hate to break this to you but it looks like a serious memory leak. With j2ee this is most likely to happen in servlets and ejbs if you use static structures such as singletons which accumulate object instances without ever releasing them. Do you use a cache of some sort? If you use servlets, make sure you make proper use of the http session - expiration time should be set to a reasonable time and avoid storing to many objects in there.

    Most important, make sure you properly release ALL references to temporary object when you don't need it any more.

    Emil. ( http://www.thekirschners.com/software/testare/testare.html )
  3. We received similar problems when using Weblogic's own JRockit JDK. In particular if the server is run on development mode not on production.
  4. memory leak...we fixed our by moving to spring framework, replacing major in-house with 3rd party tools(Hibernate,OSCache,Quartz) u should BUY a good memory debugging tool i suggest u look at JProbe. it is differntly code related!, and i wouldnt use JRockit..stick to Sun's Java editions (1.4),etc.-
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    Hi, everytime we also face the same issue. Requirements are all same exactly like 2GB RAM. Temporary solution we are using is, restarting the Web application server. If anyone could provide a solution except this restarting installing s/w would be better (optimization side...). Appreciating your patience, Leslie V www.googlestepper.blogspot.com www.scrollnroll.blogspot.com