Opensource mvnForum 1.0 GA (General Availability) released


News: Opensource mvnForum 1.0 GA (General Availability) released

  1. MyVietnam Group is pleased to announce the release of mvnForum 1.0 GA. After more than 4 years of active development, now mvnForum 1.0 GA has production quality, with many new features, bug fixes, and other improvements such as caching capbilities, migration from other forums, better search capabilities, and more.

    mvnForum is an open source, easy to setup bulletin board (forum) built on the JSP and Servlets. mvnForum is compatible with any Servlet Container which supports JSP 1.2 and Servlet 2.3.

    mvnForum is a free, opensource product released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

    With 9 new features, 31 major improvements and 26 bugs fixed, 1.0 GA has been greatly improved to prodiction quality. The documentation will be improved and any reported bugs addressed for the next release, which is scheduled for four months away. (See the release note for more detail.)

    The mvnForum portlet edition will be based on this version and will be released soon in about 10 days.
  2. Congratulations. Excellent software!
  3. Thanks Javier Pavier and Javier Castanon for your support, and I am very glad to hear that many ones found this software is useful and ready for production usage even before the final GA release.


    Minh Nguyen
  4. IMHO long time ago this piece was ready for a GA release. Congratulations!
  5. Great forum software[ Go to top ]

    MVNFORUM is a great forum software. We have been using the RC4 for a while. Great work guys. Thanks very much.