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    iam doing up a project in wap for my client.i have a problem.let me explain....

    We have a client that is interested in building WAP (or current equivalent) applications. In fact we generally need to prepare ourselves to build such applications. I suggest that we embark on building a generic application that can be tailored for use by many different customers.
    What I have in mind for the existing customer is a very simple application that can return the value of a particular index eg the FTSE index or the Dow Jones index. So the application needs to take as input the index required and return a numeric value reflecting the index. Simple enough?!!


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    It all depends say If I'am correct I think u want it to be useful across different types of end customers then u can focus on XSL and XSLT...This might be a useful solution wherein you may use it to cater it to any type of customer and not only WAP but also for others and only the requirement that the new type of customer's device should support XML data in a specific format say like cell phones support WML and WMLScript....
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    There is two ways to solve this problem. but for both the ways, u must be able to find out the client type(like whether its a web browser or hand held device.... U can do this using USER-AGENT header).

    1. U can have multiple jsp pages which uses the same data but one jsp will send html , another one wml,...etc.
    you have to find out the client type and have to forward to that particular jsp.

    2. another way is using XML,XSL and XSLT. XML will be transfomed into either html or wml , but u have to supply seperate XSL files.