Tech Talk: Leveraging Open Source in the Enterprise


News: Tech Talk: Leveraging Open Source in the Enterprise

  1. Lowering costs while increasing efficiencies is the "mantra" for modern IT organizations. How can open source and open standards contribute to this objective? How does open source co-exist with other software you need including free (as in free beer) and commercial software?

    Ignoring open source today would be like ignoring gravity. However, an all open source strategy is as unrealistic as a zero open source one. The key to a successful IT strategy is not to solve the open source vs. commercial software problem. Instead it is about using what we call Open Ecosystems. Open Ecosystems rely on a good balance between open source, closed source, sound architecture and open standards.

    This keynote presentation, given by Oracle's Ted Farrell at TheServerSide Java Symposium in March 2006, gives a clear understanding of how to go about implementing successful IT strategies based on Open Ecosystems and achieving business goals while lowering costs. This session also covers some of Oracle's contributions to the open source community.

    Watch Ted Farrell on a Successful Strategy for Leveraging Open Source in the Enterprise.
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    How many times does he have to say "you know" in this speech?

    Roy Russo
  3. What are Ted's qualifications that make him uniquely qualified to lecture on this topic?