Anthill3 Build Management/ALM Server Preview is available from Urbancode, the leaders in build and release management.

Anthill3 is a radically altered approach to Build and Application Lifecycle Management. Anthill3 uses a concept called 'Build Life' to not only automate the build process, but to also automate promotions and deployments.

A Central-Server and Agent architecture is at the core of Anthill3. The server manages configuration and workflow. The agents run the jobs powering distributed and multi-platform builds as well as promotion and deployment to multiple environments (such as DEV, QA, UAT, PROD, etc.).

The embedded workflow engine enables Anthill3 to model and automate existing processes and allows for multi-machine build verification tests, multi-stage promotions and deployments, as well as manual approval gates between promotion levels.

A build is no longer an isolated event. It is now recognized as the start of the process of tests, deployments and promotions that culminate in the successful release of software.

A fully-functional 30-day preview trial available now at .