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News: YourKit Java Profiler 5.5 Released

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    YourKit, LLC has announced the general availability of YourKit Java Profiler 5.5. The newer version offers the following enhancements: New and improved platform support - Mac OS X on Intel is supported - IBM Java 5.0 supported. Important! IBM Java 5.0 Service Release 1 (SR1) or newer is required. Initial IBM Java 5.0 release is not supported because it contains critical bugs in JVMTI implementation. - BEA JRockit 5 support improvements. Read about known issues Telemetry - Telemetry for Java 1.3 and 1.4 is supported as well - New tab "CPU and Memory" - Optimization: telemetry information requires less memory in UI CPU profiling - New profiling mode that provides both method CPU times and invocation counts, but does not monitor internals of methods from core library classes (java.*, javax.*, com.sun.*, sun.*). The benefit is in much smaller overhead than when all methods are monitored. - In the mode where only CPU times are recorded, accuracy was improved on Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris - Increased accuracy of CPU times and invocation count measuring mode on Windows and Solaris. In particular, this improves profiling of short running methods. - Reduced overhead when method invocation counts are recorded Memory profiling - New feature: now it is possible to import memory snapshots in HPROF binary format. Use "File | Import HPROF Snapshot..." action. Such snapshots are created: *Automatically by JVM if application fails with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. To switch this behaviour on, -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError JVM option should be specified. This option is supported in Java 6 "Mustang" JVM, and will be backported to Java 5.0 update 7 and Java 1.4.2_12. *Explicitly connecting via jmap utility to any running Sun JVM - no need for extra configuration (works in Java 6 "Mustang", and, possibly not very reliable, on Solaris with Java 1.4.2_09 and newer, and Linux with Java 5.0). *By JVM's built-in HPROF profiler (not very useful though). Please read more in the bundled Help. - Reduced overhead of object allocation recording Other improvements - Profiler UI can run with Java 6 "Mustang." Message was edited by: [email protected]
  2. The hyperlink to the YourKit site appears to be incorrect. The tag has a 'ref' tag instead of a 'href' tag. When I click it (in Firefox), nothing happens. Big oops I'd say. For those to don't want to have to pull open the source, the URL linked to above is
  3. Our project (Wicket, shameless plug) is one of the many open source projects that recieved a free license to YourKit. We are extremely grateful that we recieved this license and it has helped our framework greatly in finding hotspots both in performance and memory usage. The product is so good, that our company has bought its own license. The profiling agent takes so little resources that our default development and test deployment just has it installed, and we can hook up our profiler instantly to check for hotspots. An amazing product worth every $$$.
  4. I like YourKit, such low overhead is really impressive! Question: is it possible to include telemetry information (CPU/Memory/GC) into the snapshot ? -- Maxim Kramarenko TrackStudio Enterprise - Hierarchical Issue Tracking Software
  5. You can save telemetry information into special telemetry snapshot. Or do you need memory and CPU snapshots with telemetry inside? Regards, Vladimir Kondratyev YourKit, LLC "Don't get lost in data, get information!"