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    The Commons Collections team is pleased to announce the release of commons-collections-3.2. Commons Collections is a library that builds upon the Java Collection Framework. It provides additional Map, List and Set implementations and utilities. It also builds on the framework by providing new interfaces and implementations. This release fixes numerous bugs, and adds a limited number of enhancements, including: - MultiValueMap - A flexible MultiMap implementation - DefaultedMap - A map that returns a default value when the key is not found - GrowthList - A list where set and add expand the list rather than throw IndexOutOfBoundsException - LoopingListIterator - A never-ending list iterator - CollectionUtils.addIgnoreNull - Adds to the collection if the value being added is not null - isEmpty - Checks maps and collections for empty or null - BlockingBuffer - Add timeout handling to any buffer implementation - ListOrderedMap - additional list-style methods This release is binary and source compatible with 3.1 according to our tests. There are two new deprecations, see the release notes for details. We recommend all users of commons-collections to upgrade to 3.2 to pickup the bug fixes. Message was edited by: joeo at enigmastation dot com Message was edited by:

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    I didn't see support for generics in the Javadocs. Can anyone confirm that???
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    I was waiting for ever for a new version of this since the lack of support for generics in the current version is really troublesome. It's quite a shame that after all this time they still don't seem to support them. In a way I understand the developpers' desire to be compatible with ancient Java releases, but its still a shame nevertheless...
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    commons-collections should run on jdk-1.2, so there is no support for generics in the near future. If you want a generics enabled replacement for commons-collections, have a look at
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    Yes, commons collections does not support generics. This is because creating a generics version would require a large amount of work, and completely separate sourcebase of code thus duplicating maintainance (retroweaver isn't good enough, there are some weird corner cases). The main problem with this is the lack of developers to perform this conversion. For the moment, there are other (non-Apache) ports available, eg.