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    Like many of us in development shops, we recognized the power of service layers long before the idea became formalized with SOA. This was the case with Mica and in his blog we can see how he used SOA like techniques to structure the popular website
    This architecture uses a stateless session EJB to encapsulate all calls to an API. At this point, all calls can be profiled, data warehouse logged, server logged, and any situation alerts can be sent. The calls are sent to POJO bean business entities. Any RMI, JSP, XML over JSP or RMI, etc can call into the SOA
    It was a popular consensus that Statless Session Beans where a great vehicle in which to code a services layer. In using this technique, Mica explains how he was able to incorporate additional functionality without impacting the client. Are there any techniques that you were using before they became encoded into a product or methodology?
  2. it's funny how many people came to the solution. back when I worked on mobile platform stuff, we did similar thing in 2000. peter
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    yes of course.The idea is now new not even the concept,but different concepts are consolidated as one to form SOA. The "service" and "loose coupling" ideas are the only foundations of SOA.It all depends on how the enterprise implements SOA on their needs,and the focus will always remain to streamline the business processes. Rgds Lokesh