UltraLightClient 6.1 is now available for downloading. The release of the Java library for Rich Internet Applications has been announced by the Swiss based Canoo Engineering. UltraLightClient uses standard Swing client technology as well as standard communication protocols and standard lifecycle management as dictated by J2EE containers. This means that UltraLightClient can easily be integrated into an existing Web platforms. The principal design of UltraLightClient is based on the Half-Object and Protocol design pattern. When applied to Swing, the pattern expands the Swing API with a server-side programming model that provides a rich user interfaces in a Web architecture. UltraLightClient-based applications can be deployed in any J2EE container, as a portlet or stand-alone without changing the code. This release includes an enhanced extension API to ease the development of extendable encoding/decoding mechanism needed to marshal arbitrary objects between the client and server. They have also improved support for blocking events. In addition, the user manual has been greatly enhanced and now includes sections that describe how to write extensions for UltraLightClient. Canoo has also done much to improve the JavaDocs. Canoo is interested in your feedback on UltraLightClient.