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  1. Hi, Strange are the ways of a S/W professionals life... Our team just finished writing a JSP based Business application for one of our clients. The application uses a "not-very-well-known" framework called Cleveland from ORACLE alongwith Oracle 9iAS and ORACLE 9i DB. Needless to say why we chose (or had no option) a framework like that !!! But the fact is that it took us 3yrs to productionize the application. Its just been an year into production when we got the news which is every software developers nightmare....i.e. the support for Cleveland is ending....and ending by early 2007. We are left with no choice but move on to ORCALE's suggestion of using JSF and 10g? I know its a good selling ploy but the fact remains that we dont have an option. My questions: 1) Does anyone know of or has being a part of rewrite of a JSP based application into JSF. Basically would u suggest JSF as a reason for application re-write, given the fact that JSP is staying for a longgggggg time? 2) My view is JSF is excellent for new projects ... but what about existing projects...shud they migrate? Especially in our case.....i can understand that if u r using Struts you can throw the ORACLE guy out of the window but what about hosts of custom-made frameworks...what shud they do? 3) Since using JSF means most of the work revolves around UI part (and we all know how painstaking is that effort, all those HTML tags, client side validation code,dynamic behaviour etc etc) is there any tool or guideline which helps us rewrite the UI of an application from JSP to JSF? 4)I know the only reason we are rewriting is that the support of our existing framework ends and we need support...thats the reality ...not that its really helpful but clients need that assurance.....so what do u guys think if we were to write our own framework and remove Cleveland from picture ....is that solution better than the re-write solution? Any views would be much appreciated. Regards Rohit
  2. One approach might be to refactor the application so that the domain model is seperated from the user interface. This will minimize the damage caused by having to switch presentation framworks. JSP as a technology will be here for a long time - there is nothing wrong with JSP as a presentation technology. But if there is business logic embedded in the JSPs, try to refactor it out. Spring MVC, JSF, Struts are all popular presentation frameworks - deciding amongst these involves research. Also - try to avoid future vendor lock-in by using open standards. Good Luck