Article: TheServerSide's JavaOne Day 1 coverage


News: Article: TheServerSide's JavaOne Day 1 coverage

  1. Although Sun's strategy for open sourcing Java was not made fully clear during the opening keynote, Jeff Jackson did point to four new enterprise open source projects coming out this week: WSIT (Web Services Interoperability Technology), the Java CAPS BPEL Engine, NetBeans Enterprise Pack and Java Messaging System (JMS).
    With protocol level interoperability between the rival platforms, .NET and enterprise Java applications will be able to one talk to another using Java EE 5. This was demonstrated on stage using a Vista WCF client which talked to a retail application built using Glassfish; the Glassfish application in turn talked to an Indigo wholesale service application, all using WS-Trust to establish a chain of secure communication. "Sun wants to prove that interoperability works," said Jeff Jackson, SVP of Java enterprise platforms and developer products at Sun. "It's not just about plugathons. Enterprise customers told both of us [Sun and Microsoft] that we want .NET and Java to work together." Echoing Fleury's call towards "simplified programming", one of the demos showed how the retail application was assembled using a NetBeans BPEL plug-in that used a UML-style interface to show all the message exchange patterns between the different applications, sans any code. Jackson pointed out that the sample application is part of WSIT (Web Services Interoperability Technology), a collection of WS-* implementations at Jackson also pointed to other enterprise Java tools that would be made available online this week: The first open source release from the SeeBeyond acquisition, the Java CAPS BPEL Engine, is available as part of the OpenJava ESB Community at: NetBeans Enterprise Pack, with code taken from the Java Studio Enterprise product, is available today with full sources on Java Messaging System (JMS) is available through the Java MQ project, hosted on
    Other day 1 topics covered include: - Marc Fleury’s keynote address - A preview of Java EE 5 - A preview Java Mustang - Web Services Stack Improvements - Distributed Caching Using Spring - Scripting languages Get the full coverage and be sure to check back for more as the week continues.
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