Google has created quite a bit of buzz in the Java development community with the release of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Part of the buzz is helping others learn just how to make use of this new technology. For his part, Ed Burnette has added a very succinct summary of how to get started with GWT.
Getting started developing with Google Web Toolkit is easy. First you need a copy of Java. Although it works with older versions (such as the IBM JRE 1.4.2 that came with my Thinkpad), you might as well get the latest Sun JDK 5.0 update or the latest JDK 6.0 snapshot.
Ed suggests that you can save 70 megs of download by avoiding the bundle that contains NetBeans. Once all of that is sorted, you’ll need to download the GWT. Once that is completed, you're ready to configure a workspace. Ed then continues on with a short demonstration of how to use the kit. He is very complementary on the quality of documentation. He also recommends visiting the GWT forums.