'Service Access' to the software components.


News: 'Service Access' to the software components.

  1. Software components also need “service access� to quickly evolve to meet evolving business needs. Many experts argue that: adapt to changing needs is more important than component reuse. This reduces maintenance costs and cost of fixing design mistakes. This also makes sense because design mistakes and miscommunication (e.g. between software teams and end users) are usually kills many products. We need to invent a framework that can limit such mistakes to certain "loosely coupled" component and eliminate the costs to refine or replace the component. There are many lessons we can learn from our fellow engineers in auto manufacturing. One discussion we had, our boss told a design screw up at Ford, the automobile manufacturer. He said that they placed so many components on the engine that, it required disassembling the car and bringing down the engine to replace spark plugs. It needed removing many parts to even replace the oil filter! I am not sure if it is really happened at Ford, but it is a very good lesson on design mistakes that stuck with me all these years. If it happened at Ford, a leader in mass-market design, it could happen to everyone else. When coding any module, every one knows that it is good idea to keep it modular and minimize its dependencies with other modules - but there is still the high possibility of miscommunication about certain user needs, or the user requirements change. More than a year ago (early 2005), I was watching the design of Harley Davidson on the Discovery channel. There was a good bit on how important it is to provide easy service access to various parts, especially those parts that need frequent servicing or parts that wear out quickly. No one wants to disassemble the engine to replace oil, for example. PCs provide great service access to parts, for example, to upgrade CPU, Graphics Card or DRAM etc. These parts are 'loosely coupled' to the motherboard and can be easily plugged out and to plug-in new component. Ok - everyone knows this stuff, why is it relevant to software? It is possible to create software framework, which can offer excellent 'service access' to each part (or module/component). The software components are 'loosely coupled' and most of them can be replaced by updating fewer than nine lines of code. The process can be summed up with one web page - The Loosely Coupled Component Based Software Development Process. This process can be used to build Ajax GUI applications that are superior to the desktop GUI applications for next generation XML graphics platforms such as Mozilla/SVG, Microsoft/XAML/WPF or Adobe/MXML/Flash. It is even possible to leapfrog the 25-year-old desktop GUI paradigm, when next generation Vector Graphics platforms are released. DHTML can never match the traditional GUI platforms though, because we cannot use simple GIF images for many GUI components. For example, both Microsoft and Google ended up using SVG (in Mozilla) and VML (in IE) in their Maps to draw lines for directions. If one uses a GIF image for Flights in DHTML based Air traffic monitoring system, how to rotate the Flight to show its direction or change color? In case of vector graphics, it is as simple as changing a single XML element's attribute. The SVG-image fragments can be composed (or assembled) in as simple a process as the simple GIF images - however we can embed thousands of lines JavaScript code to make the SVG image-fragments alot more intelligent, interactive or animated. The XML graphics technologies offer unprecedented flexibility and freedom to invent new GUI paradigm. We can do a lot more things that are practically impossible in the traditional GUI platforms. The DOM structure of XML graphics languages (e.g., XHTML, SVG, XAML or MXML) would allow us to create a node (e.g. DIV-tag for XHTML, G-tag for SVG) and include any other component in the node. This node in turn may contain other nodes (e.g. sub-trees) and so on. It is so much fun to manipulate the DOM tree ... isn’t it? They are kind of like our college Tree manipulation homework. This will give us unlimited flexibility to build component hierarchies (a DOM tree for components), which was not possible in any traditional GUI platforms. I think it is very useful to understand about the DOM capability of emerging XML-graphics technologies such as SVG, X3D and XAML/Vista etc. What do you think? Message was edited by: joeo@enigmastation.com
  2. Dear Friends, Mr. Alexander in another forum made some interesting observations that made me think, which led me to prepare the following web page: http://www.cbsdf.com/Primary-advantage.htm This is just my attempt to explain why future XML-based GUI technologies (e.g. Microsoft’s XAML/WPF, SVG, X3D or Adobe’s MXML/Flash) exciting possibilities. It may be easy to see the differentiating factors of the emerging online-GUI technologies, if one tries to build Java-applet or Active-X control that is comparable to the SVG-chart hierarchy shown in the web page: http://www.cbsdf.com/technologies/demo-links/Demo-SVGS/SVG-DEMO/SVGScroller3D.html Please also see the following web pages in IE5+ and try to explain, how one can create such real-time “data driven� component-hierarchies for any platform: http://www.cbsdf.com/technologies/demo-links/DHTML_Demo/EXAMPLE1/ie_float1a.html http://www.cbsdf.com/technologies/demo-links/DHTML_Demo/EXAMPLE1/ie_floats2a.html Best Regards, Raju
  3. Guys Be Informed !!! Cbsdf.com is back with a new Ajax FRAUD I am unable to understand what Raju and cbsdf guys are trying this time. But few years back these frauded (rigged) the XML-J 2002 awards and stole it from OpenOffice, Cocoon and Batik as well). Back then the company name was Elansoft and product was Agileblox http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=xml-cocoon-users&m=104875540622555&w=2 The below is an old google cached page For this and other business malpractices and sleaze, a complaint was lodged with FBI and Elansoft closed US office and ran from the law. http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?forumID=45&threadID=182966 http://www.zdnetasia.com/builder/program/dev/talkback.htm?PROCESS=show&ID=20024225&AT=39062710-39000408_39000406_39000407_39000409_39000410_39000412_39000411_39000413_39000404_39000400_39000402_39000401_39000403_39000405c I feel, since they escaped FBI last time so easily, they are trying to do it once again
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  5. Great SVG-components. http://cbsdf.com/technologies/demo-links/Demo-SVGS/SVG-DEMO/SVGScroller3D.html http://cbsdf.com/technologies/demo-links/Demo-SVGS/SVG-DEMO/SVGScrollerAbs3D.html Nice post at SVG.org. It is good enough for me, if hundreds of SVG developers agree with SVG side of the GUI Components: http://svg.org/story/2006/5/7/16180/77979