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    Hi, I got error in Jsp like No getter method for property settlementDate of bean org.apache.struts.taglib.html.BEAN FormBean class private String settlementDate = null; public void setSettlementDate(String date){ this.settlementDate=date; } public String getSettlementDate(){ return this.settlementDate; } jsp file code Settlement Date:
    I don't know where is the problem Any one can help me !!!!!!!!! Thanks Kinjal Patel

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    I believe, you most use property="setSetlementDate" instead of property="setlementDate". Regards, lottalava
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    No you don't. The code Kinjal posted looks valid, but it doesn't show enough of the form or struts config to see if there's a problem with either of those. From the error you're getting, I'd say that there's definitely something wrong with you form. Maybe you could post a little more of that jsp page or struts config for the action you're using. Regards, T
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    This is the JSP Code Part Settlement Date:
    Pick Date of Settlement Action class code SettlementDAO settlementDAO = new SettlementDAO(); SettlementForm settlementForm = settlementDAO.isRecord(claimForm,loCseHeader.getReferralID(),piOID); request.setAttribute ("settlementForm",settlementForm); forward = mapping.findForward("settlement"); Struts-Config.xml This is the tiles-defs.xml Help me in the Struts-Config.xml is it right?
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    Ok, have you tried instead of ? SettlementForm is associated with the settlement action which you apparently want to call from jsp with the settlementDate property set in the form. Are you trying to populate the form somehow with this: SettlementForm settlementForm = settlementDAO.isRecord(claimForm,loCseHeader.getReferralID(),piOID);? Anyway, I don't think it's necessary to put the form in request because it is already associated with the settlement action. I hope that helps. Regards, .T
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    Hi, Actually try to fill the form is the record available i am try to set in Form class. about action="/claim" i don't think so i might be create problem coz it will take action on submit. I am just trying to display form and data. Action is steel left and i will set later. I check all the code i don;t know where is the wrong. Thanks Kinjal Patel
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    the issue is ur jsp when the jsp is rendered , the JVM is unable to find the form in request scope. For struts to handle the form creation in the scope when it does not find one us now when the page is loaded, struts will create a form bean for u if it is not already available in the scope and then u will be able to do awaay with this error. Or u could set the form bean in the action class request.setAttribute("formName",formBean); Hope it works