Oracle renames ADF Faces to "Trinidad"


News: Oracle renames ADF Faces to "Trinidad"

  1. Oracle renames ADF Faces to "Trinidad" (4 messages)

    Oracle has announced a change of product name of the ADF compoonent library, from ADF Faces to Trinidad. ADF Faces is Oracle's JSF implementation, including over 100 components. The change of name is primarily to remove the Oracle-branded "ADF." From Jonas Jacobi's announcement of the name change:
    The name "Trinidad" was voted on and selected for the following reasons: - The Apache MyFaces project already contains a subproject called Tobago. Trinidad being the bigger island of the two creating the country Trinidad & Tobago (this has by the way nothing to do with World Cup Football.) - The word Trinidad translated to Spanish means Trinity, and if you are a Matrix buff you like the looks of Trinity (in the Matrix), and, still from the Matrix, you could say that the Oracle plays a big role in the donation.
    ... and we thought we'd escaped silly Matrix references. :)
  2. To be clear, "Trinidad" is Oracle's JSF component library, and is not a JSF implementation. The two major implementations are MyFaces (core) and the Sun Reference Implementation. Jonas's blog entry says that this name applies only to the components that were donated to Apache. Will the "ADF Faces" name still be used for additional components from Oracle? ~~~ Kito D. Mann Author, JavaServer Faces in Action - JSF/J2EE consulting, training, and mentoring - JavaServer Faces FAQ, news, and info
  3. Points of clarification: Oracle hasn't changed any names at all here or announced anything. The MyFaces community voted on and picked the name, and the announcement comes from that community. Also, the Matrix reference is purely Jonas's interpretation. :) The original reason is entirely because of "Tobago" already being a MyFaces project.
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    To add to what Adam said, Oracle did *not* rename ADF Faces. Trinidad is the name the MyFaces guys picked for the open source components we donated. ADF Faces is Oracle's product that is built on the Trinidad components. They have some additional features and are designed to hook into the rest of the stack (Portal, JSR 227, etc.) We will continue to evaluate these features and continue to some of them back into the OS community as they make sense. Sorry for any confusion. Ted Farrell Oracle Corporation
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    First of all Oracle did NOT rename the components. This was a decision made by the ASF community. From my blog: "The new name has been selected by the ADF Faces incubator community using the jira bug tracker as a tool to track proposals." The new name is only for the components donated by Oracle as I also state in my blog post "Note that the name is only for the components donated to the Apache Software Foundation." As Ted points out the Oracle ADF Faces component offering that we will have will be built on top of the donation (now named Trinidad) and provide additional functionality such as Telnet and IM client renderers. - Jonas