TMaxSoft's JEUS 6 Application Server is Java EE Compatible


News: TMaxSoft's JEUS 6 Application Server is Java EE Compatible

  1. TMaxSoft's JEUS 6 application server has achieved Java EE compatibility. This is the first application server apart from Sun's AS9 to be listed on Sun's compatibility page, and includes the full spectrum of JavaEE technology, including JSF 1.2, Servlet 2.5, EJB 3.0, and more. It should be noted that as of this writing, JEUS 6 has only a Linux download, and it's listed as "jeus6alpha.bin." As such, the product may not be in final form. In all fairness, this is also the case with the other JavaEE application servers so far. It's unclear what value-adds JEUS has, although full Java EE compatibility itself seems to be rare enough to claim as a specific product benefit.

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  2. JEUS not as Good as Others[ Go to top ]

    JEUS 6 must be Java EE compatible, but that does not help the numerous bugs it is riddled with. If you come across firms having implemented JEUS most are struggling with ever occuring unpredictable bugs. Not to count the inability of JEUS personnel to deal with them. This is one of the low performance enterprise servers compared to JBoss etc. Please do not promote it.
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    This is one of the low performance enterprise servers compared to JBoss etc.

    Please do not promote it.
    What is the basis of your opinion? JEUS takes the largest market share of Korea (29.6% in 2004, from IDC survey) competing with Weblogic and Websphere. How could customers choose JEUS if your opinion is true? We have actually achieved the best performance in several big BMTs performed by customers, competing with other AS like weblogic and websphere. Please don't spread the groundless rumor. If you want to go into a dispute, come to the sunny place, don't be behind anonymous user ID. Woo Jin Kim, Cheif Researcher, TmaxSoft.
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    My friend, that is exactly what I wanted to imply. It must be good enough in Korea, but not good enough for the rest of the world. Products such as Weblogic, Websphere and JBoss are much more robust and performance friendly. From what I know from people who have tested JEUS, it has taken for granted a lot of JDK specifications and function calls, which eventually breakdown creating these bugs (JDK itself has its own set of them). Here is a sample link (This is one of many): It shows a cohesive lack of methodology in product development and research as far as application servers. This is more like the Microsoft philosophy of "wait and watch" till the next bug. More of a revenue machine than serious product development. If u check the website, the company is very diversified. Selling stuff like middleware, rehosting, application servers, web servers and all you can ask for. No company else where has managed this. But each of these products are poor performers lacking in quality and unfit for international customers. The real concern is, as some websites claim, when this guys start selling this stuff internationally and setoff a chain of broken businesses and lost promises. More of a scam than real or serious product development. As for u Mr. woongjin or whoever u are, my task is to give a honest opinion and not what u want. Also, there is nothing called an annonymous ID. Improve your basic work practices rather than advising people against their opinion.
  5. Yes, I am not familiar with this ID management and the 'anonymous user ID' is not a correct expression, however, it means I can't figure out your mail ID or what organization you belong to. In addition, the bug reported to SUN you mentioned is written by myself to report the bug of JDK, not by our customer. The dump of network packet is for JDK, not JEUS, and in nature customers does not need to know the internals. It is interesting you mention the JDK bug I reported. Anyway, I should cease this meaningless argument. The quality and performance of JEUS is not revealed to potential international customers, but Korea IT market is not a piece of cake for middleware vendors as most people know. The performance and quality required for Korea companies including banks is never lower than those of internationals. I believe market tells the truth. Nobody would use buggy or low-quality products like you mentioned. If you don't agree this point, you might have some distorted view for Korea Market. In addition, you had better link some resources that resist your opinion. I want to know what people think about our product, but an argument without any background information is nothing but an insult, especially mentioning 'work practices' to me. Anyway, You don't know me. Please be courteous even online. Woo Jin Kim Chief Researcher, TmaxSoft. ps. Please write my name correctly like Mr. Kim, not Mr.woongjin, totally different name in Korea
  6. First of all, I apologize to others for this dispute. One more thing, it is better to have a discussion by mail with you blue tooth. Let this thread be clean. In addition, it is more convenient to talk in Korean if you are also Korean. My email ID is wjkim at tmax dot co dot kr. In addition, the diversity of our product spectrum you mentioned is right, but it is not relevant to the development process like you say. How do you know the internal development process of TmaxSoft, especially for JEUS? This is why I tell you that your opinion are not on firm ground. You can tell anything you want to tell on your blog, regardless of truth, but this site is not your blog. That is why I want to talk you by email. Woo Jin Kim TmaxSoft.
  7. Long Tooth, As Mr. Kim has been pointing out, your ignorance continually is highlighted with ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims like the following... Selling stuff like middleware, rehosting, application servers, web servers and all you can ask for. No company else where has managed this. Do you even know the market? Doubtful. Because if you did you'd recognize that products like Oracle's Fusion Middleware and IBM's WebSphere offerings both manage the above and a lot more!! I'm glad Mr. Kim has decided to ignore you but I can't stand by and be insulted by ignorance. Go brush your teeth Blue Tooth.
  8. Security Problems in TMax[ Go to top ]

    I have been evaluating TMax JEUS 42 for a few days now for one of my clients for their requirement of improving Security of the Application Server. First of all, let me start with stating that the this version's security architecture is very premitive, and there are even some hardcoded "superusers" :-) which if you "know" the login ids, wont event require a Password to enter.. some sort of cheat codes I must say.. which we figured out through our propriety tools. Authentication is NOT scalable as it allows exactly one preset Db Schema. Absolutely no visibility regarding how they can integrate an enterprise Single sign-on product. Security is one of the major requirements when it comes down to enterprise servers, and I must say that atleast this version of JEUS utterly fails regarding the same.
  9. Re: JEUS not as Good as Others[ Go to top ]

    Thank you for your concerns. Being a young and fast growing company, we are learning and improving. You may have heard of some bad rumors or bad news about us, but most of them have either turned out to be untrue or been solved as far as I am informed. We are now committing ourselves to the innovative Java EE 5 technology. Most of our customers belong to financial sectors such as banks and securities. With Java EE 5 technology, we expect that we could broaden our customer base because the technology provides better persistence support and easier integration with WebServices. We, as a responsible company, welcome criticisms. I think, however, criticisms could be more constructive for us when they refer specific bugs and/or inconveniences in using our product. We are working hard to solve those problems for our customers. I appreciate your interest in JEUS. Jong-Kyou Kim, Ph. D Head Researcher, TmaxSoft
  10. Bug Reports- One of many[ Go to top ]

    I think, however, criticisms could be more constructive for us when they refer specific bugs and/or inconveniences in using our product.
    Addendum: With reference to the bug reports as quoted by some people above. Reference Test ID: 11764 Category: CGI abuses Title: TMax Soft Jeus Cross Site Scripting Summary: Checks for TMax Jeus Description: The remote host is running Tmax Soft JEUS, a web application written in Java. There is a cross site scripting issue in this software which may allow an attacker to steal the cookies of your legitimate users, by luring them into clicking on a rogue URL through the misue of the file /url.jsp. Solution : None at this time Cross-Ref: BugTraq ID: 7969 Bugtraq ID: 7969 Class: Input Validation Error CVE: Remote: Yes Local: No Published: Jun 17 2003 12:00AM Updated: Jun 17 2003 12:00AM Credit: Discovery of this vulnerability has been credited to Jeremy Bae at STG Security SSR Team. Vulnerable: Tmax Soft JEUS 3.1.4 p1 Cheers, Robert Irving
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    Thank you for your reporting, though the bug was already closed in 2003. In addition, I can't agree with your opinion about transaction processing of JEUS. We have passed many tests by cusomters since 2000. For the last thing, according to the IDC report, weblogic and websphere you mentioned have much lower market share in Korea, about 7-8% lower than that of JEUS. I wonder why your posts are only in this thread .. Woo Jin Kim, Cheif Researcher, Tmax Soft.
  12. 2006 Failure[ Go to top ]

    I am from Korea and from what I have heard from friends, in 2006 Tmaxsoft failed to setup a center in India and the people hired for it have quit the company. Some say racism was also involved in their quiting. A very bad situation for an upcoming "Global" company. This company is not the one you should invest your project money in.
  13. If u guys read this article: you will realize that you guys at Tmaxsoft with fancy degrees such Phd's and MD's are in part responsible for the commoditization of the application server. As the sole guy you are battering upstairs has mentioned, by trying to build better products rather than announcing compatibility is the only way to reintroduce quality in the enterprise server workspace. That is the effort necessary rather than giving the same stuff as other servers and building competition. And this applies to both Korea or anywhere else in the world.
  14. Introducing JEUS 6[ Go to top ]

    I don't know why people who wrote the above messages use the meaningless names such as 'blue tooth' or 'red salt', instead of their real names. However, as you mention, we also try to make better products for web application server, in addition to making products for the newest standard everyone in J2EE platform waits for. Saying that the product has not enough quality without any ground is not sufficient to discuss about JEUS. I will not repeat the same sentance again.. Anyway, the following is the introduce of JEUS 6. TmaxSoft Application Server JEUS(Java Enterprise User Solution) is a clustered high-availbility platform, oriented to high-end enterprise transaction processing. TmaxSoft JEUS has taken the highest market share (29.6% in 2004) in Korea, competing with Weblogic and WebSphere. Before JEUS 6 is certified as Java EE 5 compatible server for the first time, JEUS 5 also acheived the first J2EE 1.4 certification together with Websphere. JEUS has the following features as well as the specification implementations, - High-availability based on clustering - Session clustering based on partitioned topology - High-performance recoverable transaction manager - Web-based admistration console - Use unified network port for management and clustering : easy to management system and firewall-friendly - Database security realm support - 3rd party support : SUNOne Web Server, Apache Web Server, HP Openview, Wily APM - Tested with open sources : Apache Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Apache iBatis - WS-* : WS-Security, WS-ReliableMessaging, WS-AutomicTransaction - Multiple protocol support for Servlet : legacy integration with Servlet programming model through TCP/IP and more Since JEUS is first released in 2000, it has evolved to accept various kinds of requirements from many customers and have unique features as described above. JEUS is also located in 'Niche Player' on the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Servers, 2005. Woo Jin Kim, Cheif Researcher, TmaxSoft.
  15. Tmaxsoft & JEUS[ Go to top ]

    TmaxSoft JEUS has taken the highest market share (29.6% in 2004) in Korea, competing with Weblogic and WebSphere.
    I don't understand what this fuss about Java EE compatibility is all about. As it is Java EE is on its way out. As for Tmaxsoft I think they need to improve on their product line. We too have tested JEUS at our place but the app server seems very clumsy when high amount of transactions are carried out. Also, 29.6% in the home country is a very low percentage as far as market share. Tmaxsoft won't ever be able to compete with pioneer's like weblogic or websphere. If they have done it in Korea, they can only be said to be lucky. The features given above can be found in most other servers, but without the high transaction clumsiness or stoppages that result when high amount of data is ensued. You almost feel like it would crash. Tmaxsoft must work on this. Robert Irving Head Researcher Amity Software