Bonita v2.0 workflow suite has been released


News: Bonita v2.0 workflow suite has been released

  1. The Bonita project team is pleased to announce the availability of the Bonita v2.0 release, an open source workflow solution compliant to the XPDL standard. This is the first major release for the Bonita v2 series. Bonita v2 offers out of the box workflow to handle and administrate processes. Bonita benefits from several qualities of services that a J2EE application server provides, including distributed transactions, role-based authentication, web services support, mail and instant messaging services, persistence and clustering. Bonita 2.0 introduces the following new features:
    • XPDL support allowing to import XPDL files within the workflow engine
    • Pagination pattern is now available for getter methods in both UserSession and AdminSession Beans
    • Iterations mechanism has been rewritten from scratch. For more details see: iteration_release_notes.txt
    • Generation of Maven 2 artifacts from build.xml
    • JDK 1.5 is now supported
    • Migration to JOnAS 4.7.x series
    • Workflow patterns review (from the Van der Aalst study) has been included in the distribution
    • The Approval workflow stand alone sample has been included in the BonitaStandAlone directory
    • Internal timer services were replaced by the EJB 2.x Timer
    • Iteration Unit Test suite has been added to the default test suite
    • Documentation improvement. A new document called bonita_XPDL has been included in the doc directory
    Installation instructions as well as the reviewed documentation are included in this package under the /doc directory. The Bonita v2 series is the reference version for the eXo-Bonita integration: eXo-Bonita bundles both eXo ECM and Bonita Workflow engine. It provides a JSR 168 user interface to manage tasks, monitor, deploy and undeploy processes. Validation of JCR content is also supported. Message was edited by:

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  2. Great Miguel! People can get more information from the eXo - Bonita integration from our web site: Brice lead the team that made the integration and made a tremendous work to make that integration full of innovative ideas that leverage new technologies such as JCR or eXo ECM. More to come soon!!!!
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    In the name of the Bonita team, thank you Benjamin for your encouragement ! eXo was definitly the platform of choice for integrating a business process engine and a Portal. eXo-Bonita aims at providing a portlet user interface to Bonita workflow engine. It combines the best of both worlds : - Presentation and Enterprise Content Management skills of eXo Platform, - Automation and Scalability of Bonita. That way, people can execute, manage and monitor the business processes through an integrated JSR 168 interface. I'm taking this opportunity to give some details about what will come soon. Some of our guys are working on a SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) graphic representation of Bonita processes in the Portlets. We are also working on storing the process and forms definitions in the eXo JCR (Java Content Repository), thus allowing changing them online. Last but not least, we plan to provide advanced customization of Bonita form dialogs, based on Groovy scripts invokation. eXo-Bonita is hosted by the eXo Platform project. It can be downloaded from The zip package is named "eXoECM-JOnAS-Bonita-1.0" and includes installation instructions. Cheers, -Brice.
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    I'm choosing the right solution for my project, can anyone compare Bonita with other open workflow solutions: Shark Open WFE RUNA WFE Cheers, Mark
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    I'm choosing the right solution for my project,
    can anyone compare Bonita with other open workflow solutions:

    While the Shark workflow-engine itself is quite nice (used it myself in a project) the main contributors to Shark project now changed their business policies with the latest version of Shark and pulled some of the tools (Graphical workflow editor, Administration tool) from open-source back to closed-source. The workflow-kernel itself is still open-source but as documentation for it is almost not existent and the main contributors/supporters in the public forums are now hired by the company, you will probably have to buy some support-hours from these guys.
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    Hi Mark, maybe that would interest you : Congrats to the Bonita team ! Best regards, John