Very often in business applications, developers need to parse data feeds coming from various sources. Sources can be a simple flat file or over an MQ Series channel. The possibilities are quite varied. Apart from the different types of sources, the record formats also differ. Two of the most commontly used formats are the fixed width format and the delimited format. A fixed width format record is a sequence of characters in which a field value is defined as a sequence of characters from a starting index to an ending index. These indices are decided beforehand. A delimited format record has its fields seperated by the predetermined character. The Dissect Framework In Action -------------------------------- The purpose of the Dissect Framework is to take the burden off developers while performing these mundane tasks. Instead they can concentrate more on business logic. The Dissect Framework offers an easy to use and flexible solution to this problem. At the heart is the Dissect Framework Engine. This component is responsible for parsing the records. The connector and processor are user supplied comonents. These components have to conform to certain predetermined contracts laid down by the framework. More details on this are available in the Manual.