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    Trails is a project to make Java Web application development, specifically Web applications that persist to a database, easier than it is with existing techniques. In this tech talk, given at TheServerSide Java Symposium in March, Chris Nelson, active director, Cincinnati Java User's Group, discusses how Trails compares to Ruby on Rails and how Trails is being used today. Topics include: - A typical Trails development cycle - Customization - Entity relationships - User authentication - Internationalization - Container portability - Trails resources Watch Chris Nelson on Trails.

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  2. I have checked out Trails, Grails, JBullet, and Stripes. The last one, Stripes, was mentioned by someone here on ServerSide some months back. I would suggest anyone looking at a rapid platform for web development should give Stripes a look.
  3. Hi, take a look to the Roma Framework project. You can develop a 100% ajax web application with database in few time: - develop using POJO, Roma renders the web application for you using Echo2 engine - 100% Ajax - Transparent Persistent Objects using JDO 2.0 technology and JPOX 1.1.1 - Generation of CRUDs and relationships between objects - Totally free, Open Source, Apache 2.0 license Roma doesn't reinvent the wheel, but just orchestrates the most powerful technologies available for Java ;-) bye, Luca Garulli Blogging on: - The new way to build applications (member of - The XML business alliance) - Light ODBMS, All in one JDO solution
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    Wicket has also been getting a lot of positive press lately: Is there any comparison of these up and coming frameworks available? Marc