I have a struts action that I want to forward on to another action but when ever I try I get the error The requested resource (/html/ext/devices/upgrade_easystreet.do) is not available I am following some direction I found at https://www.theserverside.com/tt/articles/article.tss?l=StrutsActionMapping specificially I am following the example Action class-only action Struts does not require to declare a form bean for an action mapping. Hence the seemingly tautological action-only action. where OK action-forward forwards to the /veiwResult.do path Here is part of the my struts-config.xml I want the last action-forward from the first action to forward to the second action listed. Reading some of the Struts Portal Bridge documentation I guess I am having a url resolution problem, but can't seem to find any way around this other than putting the routing logic in the originating jsp instead of the handler. any ideas where I am going wrong?