Tornado Server: GPL (but not J2EE) application server


News: Tornado Server: GPL (but not J2EE) application server

  1. webWise Network Consultants have released Tornado Server under a GPL license after six years of closed source development. Tornado Server is a Java web development framework designed from the ground up to solve common business problems. Tornado Server is unique in that it stores all application design information in a relational database (HSQLDB, by default), allowing application design and metadata to be stored together as a single package. Tornado applications are self-contained, self-documenting and can be copied easily between server instances, making it a good choice for web software developers to deploy their applications to customers. Tornado's remote management capabilities were born in the geographically dispersed mining industry. Complete management of a Tornado Server can be performed remotely using a standard web browser, including upgrading the core server software. This remote management provides great advantages to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), allowing total server management between companies and through firewalls. Tornado Server attempts to speed up development of Web 2.0 applications by simplifying common tasks, such as security and database connectivity to allow the rapid development of complex web based applications. It's not a J2EE server, but provides a custom design facility that allows construction of applications completely over HTTP. There's also a payware IDE available for use with Tornado. Message was edited by:
  2. Did I miss something, I couldn't find a tutorial or code examples via this link. ----------------- Freelance JSP Projects
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    On all links I come to a login-page for tornado server. It wasnt possible for me to read anything about the great features. A great pity. Juergen
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    We got just a couple of extra requests from theserverside which maxed out our bandwidth :-/ Everything should be back up and running now. All requests hitting the old IP address are proxied through to the new server. Once everyone's DNS has updated life will return to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience - and have fun with Tornado!