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    On his blog, Ted Leung posted a link to "Innovation Happens Elsewhere," an open source book on "Open Source as Business Strategy" by Ron Goldman and Richard P. Gabriel. It says it "describes what open source is, discusses business reasons for using open source, and describes how an open source project works in a day-to-day manner. It will help you decide on whether open source is right for your project, and, if so, what steps you should take to proceed and some mistakes you should avoid." An excellent excerpt from the chapter header for "How To Do Open-Source Development":
    The more a project encourages conversations and interactions among all of its community members, the more benefits it will get from using open-source. The key point about open source is that the development process must really be open: All the developers, both internal and external, need to have the same access to the source code and be able to fully participate in discussions and decisions about its design. If you currently have a geographically dispersed workgroup, then you are already probably aware of many of the issues involved. More traditional, collocated workgroups will probably need to change the way they currently work.
  2. long read. much more than a lunchtime browse-while-eating-sandwich sort of thing. :) did read part of section 3, "Philosophical Tenets of Open Source". information presented lines up pretty well with recent read i really enjoyed, “The Impact of Ideology on Effectiveness in Open Source Software Development Teams� (, though it did not delve into the issue of trust to the same degree.