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    The Apache Web services community introduced AXIOM (Apache aXIs Object Model) as a fast-performing and memory-efficient object model for their Web service engine, Axis2. In this article, Eran Chinthaka describes the architecture of Axiom and explains how it works with StAX. Read Introducing Axiom and tell us what you think.
  2. AXIOM = writing SOAP msg by hand?[ Go to top ]

    I'm going to miss the POJO approach of Axis 1.x. While I understand AXIOM makes things more efficient, I don't understand why we have to do the createelemement, etc. stuff that makes it feel like we're walking XML documents instead of POJOs. XFire seems to get similar performance while sticking w/ the more readable (IMHO) approach of making the XML docs look like object calls...
  3. Just wanted to chime in to say that XFire actually allows both approaches. Anywhere in your service or POJOs you can stick a Document object and send/receive the XML infoset. So something like: public Document getAccountingData(Date start, Date end); is completely valid.
  4. You will not, by any means, miss the POJO approach. AXIOM is just the XML object model inside Axis2. Data binding will still be there and you can still deploy your POJOs. But AXIOM will give you high performance without compromising memory for that. If you do care about performance, just look here to get an idea about Axis2 performance.
  5. Thanks for the pointer and the clarification. All the articles I've seen on Axis2 have been about how to write your client/services using AXIOM/ADB, so I assumed you had to use AXIOM to get decent performance. Looks like AXIOM will give you another 40% vs. the POJO approach. Even the old POJO looks like it's 4.2X faster than Axis 1.x so that's also a pretty nice improvement :-)
  6. yeah speed improvement over complete unusability. AWESOME!
  7. What this framework offering over JAXB?
  8. JAXB is a data binding framework (XML --> Java --> XML). Axiom is an XML Object model, just like DOM, jDOM, but better than them in terms of memory and perfomance. We use JAXB, together with Axiom and StAX, as one of the data binding frameworks within Axis2.