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    Hi all, I need to find a way to unit test EJBs. What I found so far... 1. JUnit - suitable for testing on client machine, not on the server. 2. Cactus - not having a EJB redirector yet. Any idea on this? Thanks in advance. Kamal Mettananda

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  2. Kamal, Take a look at mockejb ( The site contains various examples how to test your EJB (Session, Entity or MDB). Good luck, Sander
  3. Thanks Sander. But it seems that they have stopped development of that mockejb project from 2004 with 2 beta releases. I tried the mailing list but a auto reply came saying that he is out of office. Any ideas... Have you used it? How about these beta releases? How about the support from them? Regards, Kamal Mettananda
  4. I've tried it, would not recommend you to use it if I were not familiar with it ;) I did some MDB unit testing with the project and that worked really well. As said, check out the examples on the website. They will probably be of great help.
  5. Ok Sander, thanks. I'll try it.