BEA Workshop Studio 3.2 release supports Callisto


News: BEA Workshop Studio 3.2 release supports Callisto

  1. BEA is the first enterprise vendor to deliver a commercial product on the Callisto release, which includes the Core Eclipse platform, version 3.2 and the Web Tools Project(WTP) version 1.5. For the details (and an easter egg), check out "BEA Workshop Studio 3.2 delivers on Callisto within weeks of release." For a short summary of new changes, read on.
    • Upgraded to Eclipse 3.2 and WTP 1.5 (the Callisto release of June 30/2006)
    • Updated Spring support -- automatic generation of Spring Service Beans and DAOs from any O/R mapping
    • Improved Kodo support: a Kodo facet, integrated Kodo development license, Kodo tutorial
    • Support the final EJB 3.0 spec for persistence and in conformance with industry usage, our documentation is upgraded to refer to EJB3 persistence as the Java Persistence API (JPA).
    • Upgraded documentation, including expanded documentation of supported servers
    • New JSP tutorial for new users or Workshop for JSP downloaders
    Improved Debug/test features include:
    • Hot deployment
    • Manual deployment
    • Remote debugging
    If you want to try the new features, download a 30 day trial from the BEA download center. There are some important improvements to infrastructure. Libraries for Hibernate, Kodo, Spring and Struts are downloaded on first use. This means that you do not have to agree to licenses for these features unless and until you choose to use them in a project. This allows you to make a conscious choice about which Blended frameworks to use, and also allows a smaller download. Also, we've make a number of bug fixes and improvements geared toward making the Studio platform more useful and robust. We have also improved the trial period extended to 30 days (from previous 15 days).
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  3. Compelling Reason to use this?[ Go to top ]

    Maybe it's just me, but where is the compelling reason to use this (instead of Vanilla Eclipse with various plugins)? Having tried it, there is some value add in having all the BEA plugins installed for you, but I had stability issues that I would not expect in a commercial piece of software. Paul ,Technology in Plain English
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    Please as a rather new user of Eclipse 3.2 could you point out some of the plugins you use? Much appreciated.
  5. Even after considering Easter Egg pricing discounts, the price is WAY TOO HIGH. You can get comparable tools from Exedel for half the price or from MyEclipse at 1/5th the price (considering the subscription mode versus upgrade prices). BEA may have one great little plug-in here, but I just don't think it's worth it. John Murray Sobetech
  6. A bit disappointing[ Go to top ]

    I have been used the free download (JPS editor) and I had some problems that don't compensate some nice features. Specially if you don't use Kodo or Spring. You'd be better off with Easy Eclipse.