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    Has anyone used IBM JSF Implementation. I am facing an issue with this implementation. When I click 15 times on CommandExButton, things work fine. The JSF life cycle goes through all the phases of the life cycle. But the 16th time, it fails to do so and goes through the following phases ENTERING : RESTORE_VIEW 1 /jsf/manualAdjustment.jsp /jsf/manualAdjustment.jsp EXITING : RESTORE_VIEW 1 ENTERING : RENDER_RESPONSE 6 /jsf/manualAdjustment.jsp creating new ManualAdjustmentAction returning: creating new button UITableData: Displaying NodeId: 1 /jsf/manualAdjustment.jsp EXITING : RENDER_RESPONSE 6 Is this a known bug?. If not is there an explanation for this? thanks Kiran

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    Maybe this is somehow related to number_of_views_in_session=15 I've seen something like that in implementation, somewhere...
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    Thanks for the reply.. Is this parameter configurable? If yes, then where can we configure it? - Kiran