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    Hi All, I'm new to SFTP. I need to download file from SFTP server to my application server. I need to know which free API can be used to do it. Also, if I can get some sample codes, it will be a great help. Aditional info: I'm using Eclipse 3.1 with struts framework and Tomcat 5 app server. Waiting for the earliest reply. Regards, Vishal Shah

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    Thanks for the reply. I've already used JSch, but is there any other api available. Because, I found on the net that this api gives some errors. And is not 100% reliable. If I can get some other APIs also, it will be a great help.
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    I've found JSch reliable. The only difficulty in using it is there is scant documentation (not even good javadocs). I created this SSH/SFTP Swing application using it: http://www.softtechdesign.com/products/sshNav.htm -Jeff
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    I use this SFTP API called Zehon, it's great, so easy to use with a lot of sample code. Here is the site http://www.zehon.com