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    OpenSymphony and the Compass team are proud to announce the major version 1.0 release of Compass. Compass is a Java Search Engine Framework built on top of Lucene. Compass' main features are:
    • Simplified search engine operations and configuration.
    • Transactional search engine support including fast updates.
    • JDBC Lucene directory implementation, allowing to store the index in a database.
    • RSEM (Resource/Search Engine Mapping): Resource (Lucene Document) declarative mapping definition, including rich converter support.
    • OSEM (Object/Search Engine Mapping): Rich mapping definition using Annotations and Xml between the application domain model and the search engine.
    • XSEM (Xml/Search Engine Mapping): Mapping definition between xml data structures and the search engine using xpath and an XmlObject abstraction (built in support for dom4j and JSE).
    • ORM tools integration, allowing for seamless integration between an ORM tool and Compass. Automatic indexing of an ORM mapped domain model, and mirroring of changes into the search engine. Current supported ORM tools are Hibernate, JPA (with specialized support for Hibernate and TopLink essentials/Glassfish), JDO, and OJB.
    • Spring Framework integration, including Spring 2.0 new schema based configuration.
    A good overview of Compass is this presentation, held at TSS Java Symposium in Barcelona, and here is a description of how Compass came to be.
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    Looking to the Presentation, sounds Compass and their extended interfaces to popular ORM-Technologies, as an excellent approach for the integration of Apache's Lucene in Java- & J2EE-Solutions. Roland
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    Congrats! Compass Rocks! James LogicBlaze Fuse: Open Source SOA