Day Software releases Communiqué 4.1


News: Day Software releases Communiqué 4.1

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    The latest version of native JCR (JSR 170) standard compliant content management solution Communiqué has been released. The solution decouples a vendor's content management application from its underlying repository. Communiqué ships with and runs natively on Day's JCR, Content Repository Extreme (CRX). With Communiqué, applications leveraging the industry standard API can run on any JSR 170-compliant repository, allowing customers access and use of information regardless of location. This latest version features: - Failover clustering for author systems - External Web application component - Configuration options for versioning - Portal integration option containing a JSR-168 compliant portlet What do you think of Communiqué?

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  2. All-in-one solutions[ Go to top ]

    Is there a reason many companies provide an all-in-one solution: Content Repository, BPM engine, Document Management System, Portal are all looped into one package. I'd prefer to pick and choose the best of breed.
  3. How about Slide[ Go to top ]

    I like slide, it decouples the CMS from the underlying repository. Does anyone know why I go with this instead jarkata sliiiiiiiideeeeeeeeee.
  4. Slide is only WebDav[ Go to top ]

    Hi, I don't know, is Slide also a kind of a Repository Server ? But Slide provides only WebDAV Service. WebDAV provides also most of the features that JCR(Java Content Repository) can. But I would say that WebDAV and JCR work on different level of application. WebDAV is actually HTTP extension, als WebDAV is more how do you tranfer your content into a repository. And JCR is more how do you save the content in a repository. Some vendor support also WebDAV on the top of JCR. I think, it's not something to compare, which is better. But WebDAV completes JCR and JCR completes also WebDAV. So I think, it depends on your requirement.
  5. Slide is not JCR[ Go to top ]

    Unless Slide has changed radically since I last looked at it, Slide is in a different realm than a JSR170 compliant repository. Really, the name "Content Repository" does it a bit of injustice - it provides services well above and beyond the ability to simply store files... Compelling features in the api - cascading versioning, strongly typed node definitions (if you want), "multiple inheritance" via mixin nodes, XPath searching as well as an odd SQL-like query language for wonderfully powerful searching, internode referencing... there are things wrong with the API I suppose, but there are a variety of problems nicely solved with it. Just having a truly hierarchical storage mechanism is a nice change from the RDBS world. Not perfect for everything, but there is some useful stuff here. Jackrabbit is the Apache project providing a full OSS JSR170 implementation if you'd like to play with it further. Check out the api before you compare it to a WebDAV implementation as there's a lot more too it. Brian