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News: Liferay releases version 4.1.0

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    Liferay has released version 4.1.0. The newest version includes a message board and Web 2.0-style mail portlet, Geronimo support, and improved LDAP integration. Now in its sixth year of development, Liferay is JSR-168 compliant and runs on almost any major application server, database, and operating system, rendering over 700 deployment combinations. Additional features include: - Assigned Communities to Organizations and Locations - User Collections - LDAP Support with an LDAP administration GUI, LDAP attribute mapping, Novell eDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory and Apache DS - Integration/Applications servers including Geronimo 1.1.1 and Websphere 6.0.x Liferay Portal Enterprise requires a fully compliant J2EE application server. Liferay Portal Professional can run in a servlet container. A Liferay/Alfresco CMS bundle will be coming shortly as well. The public demo is available at Special thanks to Jeff Genender and Paul McMahan for making the Geronimo integration happen. What do you think of Liferay?

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  2. Good Job!!![ Go to top ]

    I cannot wait to put the LDAP integration to work. Thanks for the wonderful work. Mpume
  3. Ho hum[ Go to top ]

    Was watching for the upgrade to fix what I saw as some critical problems in the previous versions. However, I see on the demo that if you create an account and log in and hit the my_account link in the top left, that doesn't even work. :-(. If that's the next version, it already seems flaky and I haven't even downloaded it.
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    The demo site is still running the old release and hasn't been upgraded yet. That's slated to happen today and should fix your issues.
  5. still not working[ Go to top ]

    I created an account on the demo, got my password, logged in and got this: Error You do not have permission to view this page. Please contact the administrator because you do not have any pages configured. I swear Liferay is getting less and less stable with each release.
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    We have a configuration issue here, fixing it now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    This has been fixed now. Ran out of disk space on our demo server.
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    I swear Liferay is getting less and less stable with each release.
    What else do you expect from a project without any unit/functional tests? I've personaly found many many serious bugs (in v4.0/4.1), some of them nasty sercurity bugs. Liferay imho wins any code beauty contest easily! The code is such a mess... and the core team is not active in the online forums too. Any serious question remains unaswered, although many people seam to read them. I'm frustrated! I'm sorry to say it, but I feel hopeless about its future and I definitely don't recommend it. It's a shame other open source portal servers aren't in such a good shape either :-( Ara.
  9. no unit tests? ouch[ Go to top ]

    I've been on the 'edge' kind of waiting to see what would happen with it for over a year... following their roadmap, etc. i'm looking for a lightweight, easy to configure, maintain, customize (the look), etc. oss portal with decent security that runs in just a web container. no luck so far. but i think i'm done jumping at every liferay release.
  10. easy upgrade to 4.1[ Go to top ]

    Now I am working on Liferay4.0 version Liferay is realy a wonderful open source project, I learning many good ideas and design methods. I expect the version 4.1.0, and I keep the liferay structure, so it's easy for me to upgrade to 4.1
  11. misuse of spring?[ Go to top ]

    A fragment of com.liferay.mail.service.spring.MailServiceUtil: public static void addForward(String userId, List emailAddresses) throws SystemException { try { MailService mailService = MailServiceFactory.getService(); mailService.addForward(userId, emailAddresses); } catch (SystemException se) { throw se; } catch (Exception e) { throw new SystemException(e); } } Why not use spring ioc instead of MailServiceFactory?
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    The service and servicefactory are spring beans. I just don't like calling getService() all the time and created a simple utility class to make it a one liner. You still have all the benefits of spring plus easier coding (unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean).
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    Hi Brian, nice to hear that LPortal is getting better and better every day. Congrats to you and your team! --- About the wrong use of Spring: You can let the "mailService" injected by Spring, something like: public void setMailService(MailService mailService) { this.mailService = mailService; } And after that you can use it, something like: public static void addForward(String userId, List emailAddresses) throws SystemException { ... try { this.mailService.addForward(userId, emailAddresses); } ... } So, you don't need to have a factory (MailServiceFactory) in this case, because Spring is your factory ;-) Greets, Lofi.
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    Duh! Thanks Lofi. :) On our todo.
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    Actually.. that wouldn't work either. Cause then that Util class would have to be looked up too, which means we're back to the problem of having multiple lines just to call something, and you can already set the service impl in the xml as of now.
  16. Liferay version 4.1.0[ Go to top ]

    I was recently tasked with evaluating Liferay 4.0 for a commercial project. It has the potential to be a great product, but at the time of my evaluation there were unfortunately a few too many quality issues for me to recommend it. If these quality issues were ironed out (maybe by concentrating on a bug fix release rather than adding new features) Liferay would be a genuine competitor to commercial portal servers. Keep up the good work, Justin.
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    Could you be more specific regarding the issues you've found ?
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    The evaluation was a couple of months ago, but from the top of my head, among the issues I ran into were: * A JSR-168 portlet throwing an exception could potentially (and did) crash the entire portal. * The admin portlet crashed when trying to save configuration changes (this issue was already in the Liferay bug list last time I looked). * Changes to look and feel in a user's page preferences did not always "stick", when the look and feel was set at the community level. * I couldn't use WSRP portlets - the portal would hang until it eventually timed out. There were a few other things that served to reinforce the impression that the product shows a lot of promise, but some effort needs to be expended on QA and improving the quality of support provided before I could recommend its use in a commercial environment. That's not to say that with effort Liferay cannot be used to deliver robust commercial solutions, it clearly can and has been used in this context with considerable success. In my experience, it's not often that one has the budget to overcome shortcomings in a particular tool, it's usually the case that I find another tool that provides the functionality I need and a level of maturity and support that the customer is happy with. Just to reiterate, I'm not knocking Liferay - it could be a fantastic product, it's just not quite there yet. I wish the development team all the best in their future efforts. Justin.
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    Thanks for the quick response. One last question - what is the "tool" that you chose instead ?
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    Well, after looking at Liferay, Exo, WebSphere and WebLogic, I selected WebLogic as "most likely" to fulfil our stated requirements. I can't stress strongly enough that we had a particular set of requirements (functional and otherwise) that made this the best choice - given a different set of requirements, I may well have come to a different conclusion. What the evaluation threw into sharp relief, was the differing levels of support for JSR-168. Deployment in particular seems far more complicated than it needs to be. In the end, it was decided that in fact, due to the "non-standard" nature of our requirements, *none* of the portal servers I looked at allowed us to develop the application with the desired degree of confidence and cost-effectiveness. Consequently, we're implementing a solution that does not depend on a portal server at all. It seems that portal servers are still relatively immature technologies, they can be great when used in exactly the way their vendors intend, but can be difficult to work with if you require more flexibility (in permissions and branding for example). I am of course generalising here, so please don't be offended if you think the above doesn't apply to your favourite product, of which you obviously have more experience than I. As always, your mileage will vary; these are just my experiences and impressions, based on the *current* state of play. Cheers, Justin
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    I've been watching it since 3.2 waiting for it to get cleaned up and documented But they keep adding features instead -- although there is some improvement on the documentation side of things. I'm waiting for the day it can truly be deploy without taking over the entire server... better support (documentation) for virtual hosting on various servers... an included clean "non-liferay-demo" deployment... etc, etc. Otherwise it is great if you want to used it as-is and dedicate the resources/urls that it requires. ks
  22. still trying to figure out...[ Go to top ]

    how to deploy to Tomcat fronted by an Apache server supporting multiple virtual hosts each with a different Liferay "instance". Ideally I'd love to tie the virtual hosting into their new (4.0) community/enterprise/location concept. no luck yet.
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    I feel your pain, that's one of the issues I was trying to get my head around - I really didn't want to have a whole new Liferay instance for every "Community" of users. It looked like I should have been able to do this, but I first needed to perform some user/role configuration in the admin portlet and couldn't, as it kept crashing. I think that's why I'm a little frustrated - Liferay is *so* close to being an excellent portal server. Good luck, :¬) Justin.
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    Thanks for the input Justin. We've since fixed the issues with the admin portlet. Check out the "Communities" section in these video tutorials. It should be what you're referring to.
  25. virtual hosts[ Go to top ]

    how do i set up virtual host so that goes to community1 and goes to community2? (And the host names remain constant, i.e. not a redirect... so it stays on or and the "pretty" urls defined for pages are relative to the root of each host respectively? if i can do that can i setup virtual hosts in such a way that there is only one instance of liferay deployed but two different virtual hosts would point to two different databases?
  26. Maintenance Releases[ Go to top ]

    Thanks for all your comments. To address some of the concerns mentioned here we will be making maintence releases every 2-4 weeks to address critical issues. Look for 4.1.x releases to come early and often. Michael Young Liferay, LLC
  27. Is there a Subversion integration module/interface for LifeRay?
  28. How about Kosmos (at
  29. Thanks! Exactly what I wanted.
  30. Good job team -[ Go to top ]

    I've been a user of IBM WebSphere Portal for 3 years now, working very closely with the IBM technology teams to gain insight into their development processes, future roadmaps and plans, and we've even been able to influence (to a certain degree) the direction of the product. Having been so close to a company that has such huge resources as IBM, and their resulting product - I have to applaud the LifeRay team for their efforts. LifeRay is a great product, that I've personally chosen to implement over IBM WP as it provides near on comparible functionality - for no cost. I work with a number of non-profit and charitible organisations, and for their purposes LifeRay is perfect. I can understand the comments made here about quality and stability, but I don't think the LifeRay team should be dis-heartened...keep doing what you're doing, you're certainly playing leap-frog with IBM, and winning on some accounts - Good job!!