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    In Agile Java Development With Spring, Hibernate and Eclipse, author Anil Hemrajani describes technologies and methods to help bring simplicity back into enterprise Java development. Focusing on Spring, Hibernate and Eclipse, three key technologies that enable POJOs to be deployed in light-weight containers, this book demonstrates the complete lifecycle of an application from conceptualization to production. Other technologies covered in this book include Ant, JUnit and JSP tag libraries. Extreme Programming, Agile Model Driven Development and refactoring are also incorporated into the text as methods that can reduce the amount of up-front requirements and design. Chapter 5 of Agile Java Development, focusing on "Using Hibernate for Persistent Objects," Hemrajani develops the classes needed to implement functionality for his sample application. The chapter covers object-relational mapping, how to install HSQLDB, database design, writing a Data Definition Language (DDL) script using Ant, and setting up and understanding more advanced areas of Hibernate. Chapter 7 covers "The Spring Web MVC Framework." This chapter describes the benefits of the framework and how to build screens in the sample application using Spring MVC: a no-form controller, two form controllers, and a Spring HTTP interceptor. Download these chapters from Agile Java Development.

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  2. Has anybody read this book and had a look at AppFuse? If you have, could you give me some advices? I haven't read this book yet, just skimmed it. The reason I didn't read it is that it doesn't have examples about Acegi Security (or any security framework which allows us to implement the login, logout ... quickly).
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    A detailed book review of this awesome book was also done here:
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    If you're looking into Appfuse, you could also look into SpringLive, a book by Matt Raible (creator of Appfuse). It does include a chapter with Acegi Security. And from my point of view, Acegi is the way to go for quick login / logout implementation. Patrick
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    Hello! Reading this book but I cannot find the sourcecode, it is said to be on the books homepage .... where !? anyone ? regards, i
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    You can find the source code here: /Johan
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    Or, at the author's website: