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    Hi, I'm involved in a project to select a CMS/portal for several projects, and have managed to get several commercially supported Java/open source (hybrid) solutions on the list, mainly because they might permit more interoperability and customization. Jahia, Alfresco, and Magnolia seem to be the three main contenders in commercially supported solutions which are suitable both for end users wanting to edit content, as well as a base for developers to create custom functionality while still using common software components. My impression is that Alfresco is a new framework but with experienced roots, and is largely focused on popular open source components. Jahia is more established and has a good existing community and supported functionality. I don't know as much about Magnolia but it seems competitive, with more emphasis on workflow. The initial sites will require basic content editing, with features such as events, discussions, profiles, collaborative document editing, metadata editing, and multilingual support. Powerful workflow would be a big asset for some potential projects. My main interest, aside from selecting an appropriate solution for non technical end users, is a framework to move my own custom work to, which is jsp based, so I am not reinventing so many wheels and can perhaps contribute my work. Here's an ideal list of features I'm looking for: - JSRs: Portlets, Content Management; Scripting for front end - Direct AJAX support (eg Dojo) while maintaining support for JSP - PDF, Print view - Import formatted content via office documents - Quick turnaround (no long deployment) - High level of code coverage for unit tests - Generic node design (eg in Zope, Drupal) - attach content to content (Simplify) - Proposed content / user views - Extensible user profiles - User and community content tagging - Contact features (email by group, etc) - Import content definitions via XML - Reporting Does anyone have any information to help compare these systems? Thanks, David

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    One of the most useful and easy-to-use JSR 168 Compliant Portal we have today: LifeRay Portal
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    From watching it over time, I had thought Liferay was missing some "baked in" features, where it was stuck catching up - such as strong support for roles - "Granular Privileges" from, among other features. Though I thought I'd read these were being added. Also, to be blunt, I found the religious affiliation could be troublesome - nothing against belief, but like government, projects I work on need an unbiased atmosphere. But I'll check it out in more detail. (What's weird is searching for "Christian" or "Jesus" on the liferay site yields results, but the pages referenced don't have any occurances).
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    Look at the AtLeap project too AtLeap is a multilingual free Java CMS with full-text search engine. Blandware AtLeap is a framework which allows you to rapidly start your own Web application.
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  6. I have gone through your listing:I am enclosing a doc which will help you decide on product you are looking for. Take a look and feel on For a live demonstration or pricing information, please contact SyncEx at Toll Free# 877-257-1343 or 309-278-5279 sales at SyncEx dot com.