Autoriginate, Inc. has announced the general availability of its flagship product, HostedQA, free of charge for all opensource and other qualifying not-for-profit projects. The full press release can be found here. HostedQA provides complete acceptance testing automation for J2EE web applications, including the deployment and setup of of applications and databases. Today, four projects are using HostedQA with great success: Joe Walker, the creator of DWR, recently blogged about how HostedQA was changing his development cycle in positive ways. HostedQA works by allowing you to test applications through a variety of web browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer 6, and Internet Explorer 7. Applications that can be tested may be hosted externally or within HostedQA's innovative virtual machine deployment technology. The completely hosted nature of HostedQA makes it ideal for opensource developers who may not have the budget or time to set up a complete QA environment. In addition to a free HostedQA account, those opensource projects that need access to a general continuous integration server will be provided one if requested. The continuous integration server can be used to run standard unit tests as well as kick off HostedQA tests through HostedQA's Ant and Maven support. Qualifying projects may sign up for HostedQA through the free trial program, where their account will be turned in to a permanent one once their status has been verified. For those looking to see what HostedQA has to offer, the free trial is an excellent way to take a look without any commitment, credit card, or phone call. Simply sign up and take a look at the sample project provided.