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News: Flux 7.2 released

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    Flux Corporation has announced the release of Flux version 7.2. Flux is a Java job scheduling, file transfer, workflow and business process management (BPM) engine. The new version brings a suite of new visual tools to Java application developers. The suite includes a file transfer progress monitor as well as reporting for average runtimes and estimated end times for workflows, execution history of workflows, and metric reports summarizing workflow statistics. Flux 7.2 also includes support for Service Level Agreements (SLAs), file transfers using FTP over SSL (FTPS), a repository for storing pre-defined workflows, and skipping failed tasks within a workflow. What do you think of this newest version of Flux?
  2. Can somebody compare it to leading open source BPM solutions like Shark and RUNA WFE
  3. Keep up the good work :)[ Go to top ]

    Congrats to you and your team! Our company will soon be rolling out our 4th enterprise system using the Flux job scheduler. The 7.2 features look great and the new look-and-feel for the web console is pretty slick. I have to plug your customer support, because it's been one of the best our company has dealt with. Keep up the good work.
  4. Open source alternatives[ Go to top ]

    Check out JobServer for an open source java solution. It has a lot of powerful job scheduling and workflow features. It is java based and has an entirely web based interface (runs with tomcat). Rauf http://grandlogic.com