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    Smardec has released a new version of J2Native, software development kit for working with native code from any Java application without using Java Native Interface (JNI) technology. J2Native is compatible with JDK 1.3, JDK 1.4, JDK 1.5 and comes with complete documentation. The list of improvements includes:
    • Iterate indexes. Now when working with arrays of native data there is no necessity to create a new index, it will be sufficient to indicate an element index in the array to get it.
    • New zero terminated string handling mechanism implemented.
    • Native memory handling algorithms were improved to avoid potential memory leaks.
    • All found bugs have been fixed. Thanks to the increasing expansion of J2Native and the number of people using it, valuable feedback has been received. A great deal of bugs were found and corrected and now it is possible to say with confidence that the software is free of bugs. The new J2Native version works not only under Windows operating systems but under Linux and Solaris as well.
    J2Native provides a Java library that allows specification of a library name and a function name, along with arguments and return variables, as well as many other supporting mechanisms for native calls. Therefore, a native call can be made from Java with a Function.call("libm", "cos", retVal, radians) where retVal and radians are Argument instances. During the time of creation of the 2.0 version, there were received many letters with a suggestion to use J2Native in educational programs of different kind and for non-commercial use. Each time considering such suggestions Smardec made some improvements realizing the importance of education for development and improvement of the software in particular and for scientific and technological progress in general. And now Smardec announces that with 2.0 version J2Native library can be used in non-commercial purposes absolutely free of charge. To sum up everything mentioned above, it's necessary to say that J2Native like any other product has passed all the stages of software development, from an idea to Beta version and from Beta to its first release. Then there was a long stage of testing and implementing it in living projects. A lot of bugs were found and corrected during the period. Finally, it was realized for what the developers needed J2Native, how and where it was going to be used and where its efficiency and functionality would be of maximum use. Based on that mentioned above, the functional of the library was correspondently expended and changed. And now J2Native is a final product both in the way it should be and you need it. Now you can concentrate not on details but on the essence and thus save your money and time. Take it and use it as J2Native library was created specially for you. A trial download of J2Native is available.

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    What makes J2Native better thatn JNI(except perhaps an easier programming model)? How does this compare to JNI from performance standpoint? Are the function parameters passed "by value" being serialized? ... and one last question can you inkove COM functions ?
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    For COM(only) Access, You can try use j-Interop, it is an open source library providing non-native access (pure java) to COM servers. It is in Alpha release(currently tested on WinXP/Win2K,Fedora) and available at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/j-interop. From a performance point of view it is similar to any DCOM Client and supports Automation.
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    Also for COM you can use JACOB http://danadler.com/jacob/. It has been around for ages.
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    yes, that is there. But AFAIK it does not provide DCOM or a Bi-Directional(not just events) access. Also since j-Interop does not make use of JNI , it is truly Platform Independent. Any issues with poorly written Native DLLs also go away.