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     How to use applets as front end in a web application.That is instead of html i would like to use java frame/applets.In that case how to pass the input data to the jsp/servlet page.Can anybody explain?
    Thanks in advance

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      using object serialization u can pass the data between an applet and servlet/jsp page. use Read object and write object for reading or writing.

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    You should view:
    Applet and Servlet Communication
    By Chád Darby
    Java Developer's Journal, September 1998
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    well if ur doubt is regarding Applet to servlet communication,u can achieve it in two ways.
    1) Http Based: i)store the relative path of ur servlet in a string variable.ii)pass this variable in URL class.
    iii) pass the reference object of URL class in URLConnection class.

    2) Object Based: convert ur whole class into a serialized object, start reading from that object.