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    Eclipse SQL Explorer 3, an Eclipse plugin that allows you to query and browse any JDBC compliant database, has been released. It shows data about the database structure as well as many other features (such as providing database-specific features for DB2, Oracle, and MySQL); it's also a standalone client.

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    It's nice to see improved support for database development being added to Eclipse. Here at GemStone, we've been looking at these types of tools with an eye towards extending them for Continuous Query functionality/development assistance. We'll be looking into the effort to build a plugin that provides CQ support. I'd love to hear other people's opinions on the potential usefulness of such a plugin. Cheers, Gideon GemFire--The Enterprise Data Fabric
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    Great to see this plug-in has finally seen an update again. Actually its the first real update since this was JFaceDbc. The first two versions after the fork had not that much differences. Basically all the package names changed in the source and some Eclipse 3.0 incompatibilities were removed. In the previous versions there were some minor problems, like the IP and Array sql types which were shown in the result table as "unknown" and the history which didn't handled line breaks correctly on Windows. (but then again, who still uses Windows for development these days ;) ) It may be a little known fact, but MyEclipse is also basing their DB Explorer on JFaceDbc/sql explorer. I wonder whether any changes Genuitech made have been merged back into this version?
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    It's a good plugin for SQL. but I think it should add new feature about hibernate script generating, There has a SQL Explorer in myeclipse(paid plugin), it has more features.
  5. Code assistence is missing...[ Go to top ]

    I had high hopes when I read this was based on Squirrel. Unfortunately it does not support the best feature of Squirrel: code assistence for SQL-syntax, tables and fields. Lack of code assistence effectively kills your productivity with this plugin.
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    This is great news - I've been using the plugin since it was JFaceDbc. This just seems alot more intuitive than the Data Tools project offering and some of the other database browser plugins.
  7. Similar to QuantumDB plugin[ Go to top ] Which is better?
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    I agree that this tool is more intuitive and ergonomic than Data Tools project. For Oracle development SQL Developer (Raptor) might be a good choice. It is free and can be downloaded from Oracle website.
  9. Doesn't work in Eclipse with java 5[ Go to top ]

    It seems it requires J2SE-1.4. So it doesn't work in Eclipse running with java 5. Previous version doesn't have such limitation.
  10. not true. It runs in Eclipse 3.2 on top of JDK 1.5 on my machine.
  11. I use Eclipse 3.1.2
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    In fact, it prints the following to the error log: "Could not install bundle plugins/net.sourceforge.sqlexplorer_3.0.0.20060901/ No match is available for the required execution environment: J2SE-1.4"