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News: Easy Deployment of Real-Time Java for Linux

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    Developers of real-time Java applications must ensure that, during execution of their application, there are no unpredictable delays caused by class loading. Traditionally, this problem has been resolved by manually loading classes in advance. IBM Real-Time Class Analysis Tool for Java lets developers deploy their Java applications without manually defining classes that should be preloaded. This tool for Linux (Red Hat and SuSe) and Windows scans the Java bytecode and the classes that it uses then generates a Java source to preload and pre-compile all these classes. In addition, a Java class interface is provided so that the user can extend and augment the general services provided by the tool. Message was edited by: joeo@enigmastation.com

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    class loading is quite possibly the least of Java's problems when it comes to Real-Time usage. the need for: a deterministic garbage collector heap management deterministic scheduling fixing the lockup issues that arise from wait/notify are top priorities...THEN u can consider java...maybe...for real time usage