EasyBeans, the Objectweb EJB3 container takes benefit of OSGi


News: EasyBeans, the Objectweb EJB3 container takes benefit of OSGi

  1. The Bull R&D Team is proud to announce that EasyBeans, the Objectweb EJB 3.0 Container implementation, now has an OSGi version. This is the first EJB 3.0 Container implementation completely available as standard OSGi bundles. EasyBeans/OSGi requires an OSGi R4 gateway to work. It is completely OSGi R4 compliant (meaning that it can run on any R4 compliant gateway) and has been tested on the Apache Felix and Eclipse Equinox platforms. Even the EjbJars are OSGi bundles - all you have to do is to inject an OSGi MANIFEST into your existing EjbJar. Download the assembly here: * http://forge.objectweb.org/project/showfiles.php?group_id=5&release_id=1701 And the related documentation is available here: * http://wiki.easybeans.org/xwiki/bin/Main/OSGi * http://wiki.easybeans.org/xwiki/bin/Doc/OSGi-Assembly Comments are very welcomed (easybeans -at- objectweb.org)! Message was edited by: [email protected]
  2. very cool[ Go to top ]

    I am waiting for this for a long time.
  3. Congratulation to Florent and the whole EasyBeans team. I am looking forward to the first final (production) relase of easybeans and felix. Georges
  4. Congratulations! The more I think about this, the better it seems. OSGi is a cracking spec; simple and unobtrusive. EJB3 is way simpler than its predecessor. So, simplicity and flexibility at both the front end and back end of the container. The mind boggles as to what this could potentially mean for what's left of the "app server" market. The concept disappears. All that's left is a tiny base on which you just assemble the bits you want, connecting them together with JBI. And everything done using simple standard specs. I think I need to sit down... Kit