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    can u any body explain me about tis statement java:comp/env/jdbc/Simple (jndi name) .. i am weblogic9.0 server for deploying servlet..jsp..ejb.. how to configure jndi name.. is it with name Simple or jdbc.simple if i configure with simple or with jdbc/simple it is showing error.. plz explain tis

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    java:comp/env is the namespace used for references. This is a decoupling point so your code doesn't have to worry about the actual JNDI name of the resource. Lets say you installed an Datasource and gave it a JNDINAME jdbc/datasource You could look that up directly but if the name changed you would have to recompile your code. Now change the code to lookup java:comp/env/jdbc/datasource. With adding something to your web.xml this will always fail with a naming exception. If you want to use references look at adding a to your web.xml and to weblogic.xml
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    java:comp/env/jdbc/myDatasource name.. means that you have to create a jndiDatasource with the name "myDatasource" on the weblogic server or you must create a new datasource with the name "myDatasource" . And when the application server /container starts, the JNDI service will store a reference to the datasource under the java:comp/env/jdbc namespace, so your applications can simply look up the data source for obtaining a connection to the database, to which the data source is pointing to. The name of the datasource can be anything as far as you try to lookup the datasource using the same name as of the datasource inside your code,or simply create a datasource of the samename which you use inside your code..
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    explain java:comp/env/jdbc/JNDINAME

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