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    Hello friends, We are required to develop a simple calendar in our web application meant to be used in our hospital. Its meant to be used by a receptionist to book appointments for patients in a doctor's calendar. To start, I am lookig for some kind of back-end framework that would help in : a) maintaining appointments for resources b) free-busy decisions c) detecting conflicts d) retrieving the appointments for a resource I looked at Zimbra but it looks to be much too heavy an app for our limited requirement. Could you pl recommend any framework that would provide such functionality as above ? UI is not a requirement. Thank you.

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  2. Jical may work for you as a calendaring framework which can work with : Enables users to book meetings together automatically. Jical works with Evolution, Korganiser, Apple iCal, MS Outlook (for meetings). JiCal enhances your workgroup and personal calendar views. Shellscripts included for iCalendar to HTML/PDF/SVG/PNG/JPG Bhagvan K
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