Crystal Reports XI sample on Apache Tomcat or on BEA Weblogic


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  1. Hello, maybe you can help me to understand the problem. I took Crystal Reports XI 30-days trial version. And tried it on BEA Weblogic. The first problem was: Report file C:/bea/user_projects/domains/mydomain/myserver/.wlnotdelete/extract/myserver_CrystalReportsSample_CrystalReportsSample/jarfiles/reports/Balance Sheet.rpt not found---- Error code:-2147467259 Error code name:failed at com.crystaldecisions.reports.reportengineinterface.JPEReportSource.a(Unknown Source)... blablabla OK, I put there (in .wlnotdelete) reports. But there occured the second problem: The first initialization to view some report takes about 1.5-2 minutes with no errors on server. But it's too long surely! Next time I'm viewing reports everything works rather quickly. I tried same sample on Tomcat and it worked well with no errors and much faster! What's the problem? Can anyone help with it? Or give some advice... P.S. I need these reports to work well on BEA Weblogic.
  2. To avoid errors with Crystal Reports, discontinue using Crystal Reports.